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Halloween Pizza

halloween pizza

How cute is this Halloween pizza? It is a spooky web pizza that tastes just like a s’mores pizza. Your kids can customize it in any way they want to. The base of this Halloween pizza is a Mama Mary’s S’mores Dessert Pizza Kit. Each kit comes with two graham cracker crusts, a chocolate sauce, and marshmallow sauce. All the ingredients come packaged in each kit and you can find them at these locations. Locally, I can buy them at Food Lion and at Walmart.

mama mary's s'mores kit

This is what the S’mores dessert pizza kit looks like. My store carries them right next to the Mama Mary’s pizza crusts. There are 8 different pizza crusts to choose from, we love the flatbread pizza crusts for a quick weeknight dinner.

s'mores pizza kit ingredients

We love to get the kids involved with cooking and this Halloween pizza is the perfect cooking project for kids. The kit comes with 2 graham cracker crusts that are ready to bake. Each crust bakes at 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes, then add more toppings and let cool. Your kids will devour this pizza as quickly as mine did.

spider web halloween pizza

Once you bake your graham cracker crust and chocolate topping you can add your marshmallow topping. If you put the marshmallow topping in circles from the outside in, you will then be able to take a knife or toothpick and draw a web design. This spooky spider web Halloween pizza is a fun treat to serve before the kids go out trick or treating.

s'mores pizza

You can customize your S’mores pizza with lots of additional toppings. My son created this masterpiece. He used the Mama Mary’s S’mores Pizza kit as a base and then added chocolate chips, sliced banana, and mini marshmallows. He drizzled a little melted peanut butter and melted chocolate on top too. This s’mores pizza was fantastic.

s'mores pizza

Gather all your toppings in small bowls and let the kids choose how they want to top their pizzas. Each crust is a personal size at just 7″. Some other possible toppings you could try include sliced fruits, sprinkles, candy, nuts, apple and oat crumble, or even chocolate chip cookie dough. There are so many possible toppings you can add. The graham cracker crust flavor on this pizza combines easily with almost every sweet topping you can think of.

s'mores pizza kit from Mama Mary's

As a busy working Mom, I love that all the ingredients you need come right inside the kit. My kids loved that the directions were easy to follow and that the pizzas tasted great. Decorating the pizzas is a fun activity and can be a great activity for a Halloween party for kids.

baked s'mores pizza kit crust

The first step to make the S’mores pizza is to bake the crust and the chocolate topping at 425 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Be careful, the chocolate topping will be very hot when it comes out of the oven. Remember to use half the chocolate sauce on each pizza.

smores pizza with bananas

This banana split pizza has a marshmallow topping under the bananas. You can add your favorite sliced fruit if you do not like bananas.

mini marshmallows and chocolate chips on the s'mores pizza

Mini marshmallows and chocolate chips are delicious on top of this s’mores pizza.

Halloween pizza spider web

What toppings would you add to your S’mores Pizza?

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