Side dish

Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. I hope that those of you who are celebrating are enjoying delicious Hanukkah fare. My friend Jane was nice enough to give us an enormous amount of potatoes and 3 dozen eggs so it was time to make the latkes.  This is Jane’s […]

Potato Latkes for the win~

So with last week’s basket we got a beautiful bag of fresh basil. It smelled incredible. I wish I had a way for you to scratch and sniff this page, but I don’t.  Trust me it was so good.  I almost did not want to make anything with it so […]

Fresh Basil Hummus

Do you ever find yourself with a bunch of leftover mashed potatoes? Sometimes the kids do not like to eat them very much the second day.  Mashed Potato Latkes to the rescue!  These came out so good and one of my kids said they tasted better than regular mashed potatoes! […]

Leftover Mashed Potatoes?

So what do you make yourself for lunch everyday? Is it boring tuna or turkey sandwich? This is my new favorite lunch or dinner and it is soooo healthy!! I like to buy the costco size broccoli, mushrooms and onions so that I have the ingredients I need on hand […]

Awesome lunch, seitan stir-fry!

I got the most beautiful eggplants at the farmers market last week and I forgot to use them. They were looking a bit sad and I did not have much time, so I created this recipe on the spot. No dipping the eggplant rounds in egg and breadcrumbs, no frying […]

Easy and Healthy Eggplant Parmesan