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  • GATSBY chocolate, a perfect low calorie and low sugar chocolate bar Low calorie chocolate - A delicious low-calorie chocolate I know, it might be hard to imagine that low-calorie chocolate could also taste delicious. As someone who has been on a keto diet for the past year, I am always on the lookout for a low-sugar snack that tastes fantastic. I have tried many of the low-calorie chocolate options and […]
  • last minute holiday gift guide Last Minute Holiday Gifts - You are running out of time to choose your holiday gifts. Maybe you have been working overtime, or have been not feeling well. These gifts are great options, tested by our family, and would make a great gift for any of your family or friends. Happy holidays everyone, looking forward to a fantastic 2023! Last […]
  • toffee chocolate chip cookies Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies - Today I am sharing with you our famous Toffee Chocolate Chip cookies. These cookies have won awards and always receive rave reviews. They are not too difficult to make at all. You start by making your own toffee, which sounds much more intimidating than it is. Freeze the toffee and then break it up into […]
  • breakfast pie recipe Breakfast Pie Recipe - Easy Breakfast Pie Recipe It is hard to put into words how delicious this breakfast pie recipe is. My kids love this pie and yours will too. Combine your favorite omelet fillings and you can make this breakfast pie your own. This breakfast pie recipe is very easy to make. Saute your vegetables, then add […]
  • bio-kult logo Best probiotic supplement - Why do you need a probiotic supplement? Probiotics, are good bacteria and help you keep a healthy balance in your body. When you are ill, bad bacteria come into your body and begin to increase in numbers. This makes your body feel out of balance very quickly. You need good bacteria, such as a probiotic […]