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  • the water mine swimmin hole in reston VA Savings for families - Savings for families My family loves to discover all the newest and most popular attractions in the DC Metro area. But, enjoying fun activities with your family can get very expensive. Even taking the whole family to a simple movie can be over $100 when you include movie tickets, snacks, and drinks! As a Mom […]
  • Sugar Free Lava Cake - Sugar Free Lava Cake Happy New Year! I cannot believe the year 2019 starts tomorrow. Time really flies and somehow we are a year away from 2020, unbelievable! Today’s recipe is dedicated to my son, Alex, who is home for winter break from college. His favorite dessert is lava cake. Alex has been limiting his sugar […]
  • banana coffee cake, whole grains, made with kodiak cakes pancake mix Banana Coffee Cake - Banana Coffee Cake Banana coffee cake is a breakfast treat. Save some time by making this recipe with Kodiak Cakes as your base. No need to add any other dry ingredients, simply use 2 cups of the pancake mix! If you like to save time, you must try this quick coffee cake. Kodiak Cake pancake mixes are […]
  • easy whipped cream, vitamix aer makes whipped cream in 30 seconds Easy whipped cream - Easy Whipped Cream Fresh whipped cream is a family favorite. It tastes so much better than the stuff that comes in a can. The way we always made whipped cream involved the stand mixer and patience while it whipped to perfection. The Vitamix Aer is a kitchen game changer. We can now make this easy […]
  • Tech Gift Guide, all the best technology gifts for 2019 Tech gifts for 2019 - Tech Gifts for 2019 technology Many people want to find the best and the greatest technology. Finding the right gifts for the tech lovers can be a daunting task. Which phone is best? What bag should they carry their laptop in? What stand should their desktop computer be placed on? What gaming system is the most fun? […]