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Happy Sunday everyone!

Yesterday was my 22nd wedding anniversary, not too shabby! I highly recommend getting married and having lots of children. It has worked for us.

Today I have six recommendations for you, all related to entertainment.

1.  Shaun the Sheep:  We saw this movie with our 7 year old daughter and it was really cute.  Heck, any movie that barely has any talking in it is pretty cool to me.

This movie should appeal to all ages.  It was created by the same British filmmakers who created the Wallace and Gromit series.  The movie is short but sweet (just under 90 min) and it is a delightful tale of Shaun the sheep and all his animal friends who live on the farm with him.  Shaun plans a day off for him and his friends, but first they need to get rid of the Farmer.  While there is barely a word said in the entire movie by any of the characters (either human or animal) it doesn’t stop you from understanding exactly what is happening.  The best way I can describe it is when you read a picture book with a young child, they can easily make up a whole story without reading any words.  This movie is very enjoyable, and even has some unexpected twists and turns.  Even the Farmer ends up having a huge adventure without even knowing how it happened (don’t worry, it’ll all make sense when you see it).  This is a very funny, laugh out loud kind of movie that anyone in your family will enjoy and appreciate. At our screening do you know who was laughing the most?  The adults!  The laughs started right at the beginning and continued until the end.  You should have no hesitations about taking any of your children to see this movie, and you’ll probably end up enjoying it right along with them.  There is no bad language or violence to worry about here. The only slightly scary part of the movie that could scare a young child was the animal catcher character.  My daughter (7) found him to be a little scary, but not so much that she was upset either during or after the movie.  When she was telling a friend about the movie the next day she only remembered how funny it was.

2.The Guest Cottage by Nancy Thayer:  This book is perfection!  I love to read books, but most books end up being depressing in some way.  This book was enjoyable beginning to end.  I loved everything about it, the characters, the setting, the way the story unfolded. Most books I read have enjoyable parts, but this one was good throughout.  I really wish Nancy Thayer would make a sequel, this book is just begging for one.  If you like happy books with happy endings, do yourself a favor, and read this book and escape to a lovely beach cottage for the summer.

3. Big Web Quiz:  Do you own a Google Chromecast? It is the little dongle thing that can plug into your tv so you can stream things onto your big screen from your computer, iPad etc…  Did you know that you can download free games onto your Chromecast?  We have been playing the Big Web Quiz for a few months and it is so much fun.  Best part, no pieces to lose, no pieces to store.  So how do you play? Each person who wants to play downloads a free app onto their device.  Yes, everyone who plays gets to play on their own iPad, iPhone, or android. Brilliant, huh? Your kids are already carrying these devices around with them everywhere anyway.  The game is also really short, can’t your teen spare 10 minutes to play a fun game?  Each person chooses a ridiculously funny looking character and then the questions begin.  The questions are hilarious. For instance, how many Liam Neesons tall is Mount Vesuvius in Italy? Each person will have a slider on their device to show how tall they think Mount Vesuvius is. For the record, Mount Vesuvius is 663.73 Liam Neeson’s tall. Is that what you were thinking?  There are 10 questions per game.  Teens, adults and kids will love to play this silly game.  You might be surprised at all the free games and apps that you can download with your Google Chromecast.  Here is the full list of games. As I started writing this post, we downloaded Connect 4 Quads and that was really fun too! It is a cool twist on the Connect Four board game, but much more fun.  If you already have a Chromecast, what are you waiting for, why not download a free game today.

4.Dohdles by Thames and Kosmos:  What are dohdles? Dohdles are riddles made out of dough.  This game is 1/2 sculpting and 1/2 a guessing game.  We have played this game 5 days in a row and it is so much fun.  All ages can play because you do not want to scuplt a creation that is TOO perfect, since you earn more points if it takes longer for your item to be guessed.  Watching my family create the sculptures is hilarious.  The other night we were going to play at 5:00, but I found two of my kids starting their sculptures at 4:30 so that they could spend more time thinking & creating. How cool is that?  The dough that is used in this game is really soft and easy to manipulate. Each color also comes in its own ziplock bag, so hopefully it will last a long time.  I love creativity and this game really harnesses it.  Moving, scoring and guessing is all done in a very creative manner. You need to buy this game if you like seeing your family using their imagination. 

5.  Rubbaducks:  Are you a rubber duck fan? I have something brand new to show you that takes simple rubber ducks in the bath to a whole new level.  Meet the Rubbaducks!  I first saw these adorable Rubbaducks at Blogger Bash,  where I  spoke to the creator for a long time.  Meet our duck, Duck T, a hole in one, golfing theme rubber duck(complete with a golf tee on his tush).  His hat is removable and he is made out of a very nice solid plastic material. There is purposely no hole in the bottom, so no disgusting water will get trapped inside.  He floats perfectly, and somehow always stays upright. The Rubbaducks float in the bath or pool so nicely, never getting stuck upside down.  Duck T is tons of fun to play with in the bathtub, my kids have loved playing with him in the tub.  Rubbaducks are also the first non-Disney toy item to be sold at The Boathouse in Disney springs.   Rubbaducks make great gifts for all ages and appeal to children and adults.  Rubbaducks come in many themes(sports, animal, career, patriotic, holiday, mystical and even spiritual) and even have matching costumes & designs (and don’t forget the coordinating tattoo on the butt).  The Rubbaducks want to share the duck love with all my readers.  I have one awesome Rubbaduck for my lucky winner.  Please enter on the Rafflecopter below.

6.Mango Chili Salsa: This is the perfect summer salsa.  It is super easy to put together and tastes refreshing with any main course.

Mango Salsa

Prep Time: 10 minutes


  • 1 large mango, peeled and diced
  • 1/2 small red onion, diced very small
  • 1/4 jalapeno pepper, diced very small
  • 1/2 tsp cumin powder
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Avocado oil to taste


  1. Prepare your mango, onion and jalapeno pepper. Toss them all in a small bowl. Drizzle avocado oil(or your favorite oil) lightly over everything. Sprinkle on the cumin and cinnamon. Get your hands in the bowl and gently coat everything. Serve this fresh salsa with tacos, fish, chicken, or on your nachos.


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