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I received compensation for my work on this campaign. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. All thoughts are my own.  Three people in my home take medications regularly.  I take my medicine first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up, and I rarely forget.  But my two sons with POTS are 17 and 14 years old, and they forget to take their medications more often than they remember.  The free Medisafe App has truly been a lifesaver for us.  As soon as the timer goes off on their iPad, both boys stop what they are doing and remember that it is time to take their medications.  Since we have started using this app, both boys have not forgotten a dose.  As a worried Mom, this app is priceless!  As you can see on the screenshot below, you can even program in a Med-Friend who will get an immediate notification if the user does not take a dose.  This feature is perfect if your relative who lives far away might possibly forget to take a medication.  I am on both of my boys accounts as their Med-Friend and I also get a text if they have skipped a dose.  The Medisafe app is an important companion to anyone who takes one or more medications.


The Medisafe App is the leading app to help anyone manage their medications.  It is much more than a pill organizer, it is a pill reminder system.  Medisafe connects you to your family, and soon your doctors, for support, encouragement and expertise.  Once you fill all your information into the program, the Medisafe app will give you custom notifications(cute songs and reminders) for pill taking, doctor appointment reminders, refills on medications, medication updates, and personalized health recommendations.  Medisafe is currently bringing peace of mind to more than 2 million people who use this app regularly, as well as the people who care about them.  Does your elderly relative live far away? You can easily set up medication reminders for them and worry less.  Two brothers designed this app to help their father, who is a Diabetic, manage his health and medications.  You can read more about the Medisafe mission here.  Medisafe will help you stay on top of your health and medications in a very easy to use format.


There are two newspaper articles in the LA Times and the Medisafe blog that explain how easy the app is to use.

If you regularly take medications yourself, or have someone in your family who does, you are probably ready to download this free app and try it for yourself.

To read more about the Medisafe app, their website is here.

To download the free Medisafe app to your apple device click here.

Or, to download the free Medisafe app to your android device click here.

Visit the Medisafe Facebook page and keep yourself updated on all their new features.

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I received compensation for my work on this campaign. This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. All thoughts are my own.

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