Online Science Games with Legends of Learning 22

Online Science Games with Legends of Learning

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Legends of Learning online science games

Summer vacation is often a favorite time of year for teachers. It gives us time to recharge and gain the energy and momentum for the upcoming year. I hope my fellow teachers are enjoying their summer break as much as I am. Summer is glorious and relaxing and full of all fun things. But there is no summer break without a school year full of hard work. Today I want to share with you a wonderful new website called Legends of Learning. Legends of Learning will help your students to understand science concepts in a very fun way.

Legends of Learning online science games

Legends of Learning is a science website with games and activities for children in grades 3-8. With more than 1000 games that cover more than 140 topics for kids, there is something for everyone. Kids can enjoy these games over the summer so they do not have too much summer brain drain. Homeschoolers can also use these science activities to learn more towards their curriculum goals. My daughter has been using the Legends of Learning games this summer to help boost her knowledge in science.

Legends of Learning online science games

Teachers can feel comfortable using these games because they are based on the standards-based science curriculum. Each teacher will receive assessments and updates on the progress of each student in your class using the tool. Your school will see an increase in content learning from the Legends of Learning proven curriculum-based games. What other benefits will these games provide? You can read more about the benefits from playing these games, here. These games have shown to increase test scores, help students who learn at different speeds, and keep students excited about learning science. When the students in your class are more engaged, their minds are more open to learning. Your students can also continue learning at home with the Legends Academy.

Legends of Learning online science games

Before you get started with your Legends of Learning account, you can try out the games yourself. See which games align with the curriculum you are teaching this year. Choose your favorite games and place these games, along with some assessments, into your student’s playlists. Launch your playlist and watch your students soar. When your student’s log in and start playing, you will have an easy way to track the class performance in real time, as you see the student engagement improve. Read more about the research from the Vanderbilt study that showed that games encourage engagement and academic performance here.

I am sure you would love to try these free games with your students. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your own account on Legends of Learning today. Signup is free and you can follow the tutorial and set up your own playlist in minutes. You can even get a free cape and be a superhero in your classroom. Visit the Legends of Learning website to learn more and share the excitement of science with your students.

Legends of Learning online science games all teachers can get a free cape

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Legends of Learning Online Science Games

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