Savings for families 33

Savings for families

the water mine swimmin hole in reston VA

My family loves to discover all the newest and most popular attractions in the DC Metro area. But, enjoying fun activities with your family can get very expensive. Even taking the whole family to a simple movie can be over $100 when you include movie tickets, snacks, and drinks! As a Mom to five, I have always tried to find creative ways to save money. Some of the easiest ways we enjoy savings for families include:

  • Using coupons at stores
  • Shopping through the Ebates website every time I place an online order
  • Buying a membership to a store like Sam’s Club, BJs, or Costco and buying things in larger quantities to save money.
  • Checking discount websites for deals on items you are looking for.
  • Buying the Sunday newspaper and clipping the coupons and seeing what items are on sale that week.

Families often like to do special things on the weekends and I have a great way for you to save money on the most popular local activities. Certifikid is a service we have been using for many years. It is the best way to save money on the activities you want to try in your local area. Right now there are also national deals on Certifikid that everyone can access. Some of my favorite deals include a Kalahari Resort family getaway, a bundle of Scholastic wipe and clean books, and a 2-night Bahamas cruise. These savings for families are too good to pass up!

Hyper Kidz in Columbia Maryland. A great place for families to visit. Use certifikid to find great deals for your family.

When my children were younger I liked to spend our winter days at local play spaces. With the Certifikid vouchers, purchased at a discount, we were able to visit these spaces much more often because our price point was lower than if we had just walked in and paid full price. Finding savings for families is what Certifikid does, and we can benefit from the discounts that are provided on each experience.

boomerang pirate ship in georgetown DC

Certifikid also has amazing local deals if you live in 11 different regions of the US. Right now these cities are all included on the website and you can find some incredibly good deals.

  • Washington DC Metro area
  • Baltimore MD
  • Atlanta GA
  • New York City
  • Chicago IL
  • Los Angeles CA
  • Philadelphia PA
  • Pittsburgh PA
  • Dallas and Fort Worth TX
  • San Francisco CA
  • South Florida

Certifikid was started by a local Maryland based Mom who wanted to provide all the best experiences for her family at a reasonable cost. You will find all the newest and hottest play spaces, attractions, and activities for your family at a discounted price on the Certifikid website.

If you are a local DC parent, you know how expensive activities can be. Certifikid is the best way to share savings for families and create amazing memories at the same time.

certifikid, families and can explore their local city and make memories at a discount

It is free to subscribe to the Certifikid newsletter. You will receive the latest discounts and offers sent right to your email. Certifikid also includes lots of surprises in their email including free offers and more. The DC Metro area was the first location for Certifikid. There are plenty of offers and you will find excellent savings on all the best activities. Why pay full price when you can enjoy the same experience at a discount?

A few months ago we were able to experience three of the locations that are frequently found on the Certifikid Website: The Water Mine Family Swimmin Hole in Reston, VA, The Boomerang Pirate Ship in DC, and Hyper Kidz in Columbia, MD. Each of these family-friendly locations is a great spot for local DC Metro families to enjoy. I know the weather outside is not conducive to swimming, but you can start to plan your summer plans now while you are stuck inside. Check out this video that we made at the Water Mine, and plan YOUR summer visit soon.

This post was sponsored by Certifikid. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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