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Sara LaFountain is the owner and creator of the blog Cook With 5 Kids. The blog started in 2010 as an online recipe box. Sara earned two degrees from Boston University in Education. Some of Sara’s jobs have included Kindergarten teacher, Nanny, preschool teacher, caterer, school lunch provider, and office manager. Please visit my new page here to see everything I have been doing recently.

Sara’s family is made up of four boys, tween to teenage, and one little girl. You will always find us all in the kitchen, cooking together, playing board games, and using the latest technology. Video games are also very popular. Our life is a roller coaster, so jump in and enjoy the ride.

Dad is the resident recipe taster and helper extraordinaire. Dad juggles a full-time job in the Education field and helps with the blog on the backend. Dad is very good at solving problems and somehow has perfected the art of being good at everything.

Sara’s oldest son is a chef. He loves to cook, teach the family cooking tips, and creates many of the beautiful and delicious food you see on the blog. The chef says that the food must look beautiful because you eat with your eyes first. Dinner is often freezing cold while the chef creates a beautiful plate for each person. The chef’s full-time job is as a school lunch provider and caterer.

Two of the teens in the family have an illness called POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) and much of Sara’s time is devoted to helping them. Sara posts about POTS to help other families who are struggling with the same health issues.

The youngest boy is the resident blog/tech guru. He knows coding better than most adults. He is in charge of all plugins, codes and blog posts. Any technical questions are directed right to him. He is our technology and gaming expert and loves to explore all new pieces of cool technology.  He has had two blogs of his own, moderates an enormous Minecraft server, and enjoys helping other Moms with their blogs. Email him with any blog or technology questions.

The little girl of the house is the cruise director.  She organizes meals, sets the table with seat assignments, cooks some of the food, and is always rounding up players for games. In her spare time she loves to play golf. She is our dog whisperer. Any dog she meets she has to stop, talk to, pet, and whisper in their ear. She is also the star of our Youtube videos.

Sara and her family love to review new products. Green living, travel, technology, toys, apps, games, healthy foods, and any new cooking products are all areas of focus for the blog. Sara lives in the DC Metro area with her family and one awesome rescue dog named Molly.  Please email Sara with any questions: cookwith5kids@gmail.com

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