BIG EASY TEPACHE, healthy soda alternative 26
Healthy alternative to Soda Your kids want to drink soda but you want them to drink something healthier. How can you both be happy? It is time to introduce your family to Big Easy Tepache, a refreshing synbiotic soda full of healthy ingredients that tastes great. Tepache is a perfect […]

Healthy alternative to soda

AGent+ eco friendly cleaner 15
Eco friendly disinfectant Finding the safest cleaning products for my family is so important to me. I have five children and I have a dog. I need to be sure that the cleaning products that I am using are safe for everyone. More importantly, I want our cleaning products to […]

Eco friendly disinfectant

Moms Meet Are you a member of Moms Meet? It is a wonderful online community where you can meet other parents and find out about new products. You can also apply to sample new products with friends and family. For the second year, Moms Meet is hosting a free virtual […]

Moms Meet

veggie crumble tacos 30
Veggie Crumbles A Perfect Holiday Entertaining Appetizer Need a new appetizer that tastes great and would be perfect to serve at your next holiday get-together? I have an easy solution for you. These street tacos are made with Big Mountain Foods Cauli Crumbles and topped with your favorite vegetables and […]

Veggie Crumbles

pumpkin pie spice substitute 2
Pumpkin pie spice substitute It never fails, you go to start a recipe and you are missing a key ingredient. Sure, you could run to the store and pick up whatever ingredient you are missing. Or, you can sometimes make a spice blend yourself. When I typically go to start […]

Pumpkin pie spice substitute

penne with pesto 40
Penne with Pesto Today’s recipe is all about fresh, delicious, comfort food. We all need an easy, healthy, delicious dinner that we can whip up in no time. This penne with pesto can be ready in less than 30 minutes. Homemade pesto might sound intimidating, but it is easy really […]

Penne with pesto

2021 gift guide
2021 Gift Guide The Farmers Finds: This is a preview of 2021 Gift Guide. Read the full post

2021 Gift Guide

spider web halloween pizza 30
Halloween Pizza How cute is this Halloween pizza? It is a spooky web pizza that tastes just like a s’mores pizza. Your kids can customize it in any way they want to. The base of this Halloween pizza is a Mama Mary’s S’mores Dessert Pizza Kit. Each kit comes with […]

Halloween Pizza

lunchbox ideas
Lunchbox Foods This post is sponsored by Babbleboxx I am always looking for new ideas for lunchbox foods. We are constantly on the go and need portable foods we can take with us quickly. Today I will be sharing with you a few fantastic new snack ideas and also one […]

Lunchbox Foods

Easy pesto pizza 6
Pesto Pizza Pizza is a family favorite meal. One of my children eats pizza every single day.  We decided to elevate pizza night and we turned a plain pizza into a delicious deep dish pesto pizza. You can make your own pesto or you can save time and buy some […]

Pesto Pizza