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I got the most beautiful eggplants at the farmers market last week and I forgot to use them. They were looking a bit sad and I did not have much time, so I created this recipe on the spot. No dipping the eggplant rounds in egg and breadcrumbs, no frying or baking the pieces.
This recipe is soooo easy, you can make it in 5 minutes.

Easy Eggplant Parmesan
Slice your eggplant into fairly thin slices and put into a large dish that has been sprayed with PAM.
I just filled up my 9×13 pan. I would recommend only one layer of eggplant, use two pans if you have a really big eggplant.
Put a little sauce, or a lot if you like a lot, on each round of eggplant and smoosh it around.
Sprinkle your favorite cheese on top.
I made one pan for my vegan hubby with Daiya cheese on top instead of regular cheese.
I covered the pan with foil and baked at 400 for 30 minutes.
Serve it with whole grain pasta or a slice of whole grain bread and some fresh broccoli.
Easy and so delicious!

I have 2 photos for you.
The first is the vegan eggplant parmesan made with Daiya cheese and the second is the regular made with Mozzerella cheese. These pictures do not do this recipe justice, it is soooo good, I ate the whole pan.

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