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I know I just scared you by writing the words tofu and cookies in the same sentence. But seriously, these cookies were so delicious, you would never know there was any tofu in them! I mixed them up with my little girl today to warm us up, it is freeeeezing […]

Really great tofu cookies

Could December get any crazier?? Seriously?? We have had so much craziness going on I have not had much time to cook. We celebrated Diane’s birthday Monday and then rush rush rush everyday since then. This is a preview of December Craziness. Read the full post

December Craziness

I cannot believe my baby girl is Three! Yesterday we celebrated her birthday and all day long, she kept asking me, “When will it be my birthday Mom?” I kept saying, it is your birthday honey. “No!” she kept arguing. Finally, I asked her, “What will make today your birthday?” […]

My Baby Girl is 3~