Cars 2 Real Parent Review

I took three of my kids to see Cars 2 this weekend.  We left really early, hoping to be able to get a seat.  But wow, I guess other people had read the reviews, our theater was empty! Literally, a Sunday afternoon show and there were maybe 5% of the seats taken, pretty poor showing.
So I had with me my 3 year old girl and a 7 and 10 year old boy.
Our grades for this movie are
3 year old girl:F
7 year old boy:A
10 year old boy:A-
I want to begin this review by telling you DO NOT BE LATE FOR THIS MOVIE!  I don’t want you to be late, because you will miss the cutest part of the movie, the 5 minute Pixar skit by all the Toy Story characters.  The toy story part is so cute, I am wanting to see that part again.  My kids were laughing, I was laughing, we were all ready to enjoy a great movie.   Too bad the cars part of the movie was awful.
The Cars 2 movie was really not enjoyable.  Since my 2 boys loved it, my little girl and I found ourselves playing on my phone during most of the movie.  Seriously, this movie was boring, annoying, confusing, and pretty violent.  My little girl was scared in a few parts and she is not usually scared during movies. 
The strangest part of the movie was, there was very little car racing!! I thought that was what cars do, they race around!  Nope, not in this movie.  In this movie they talk and talk some more.  They also spy on other cars, try and scare other cars, and insult other cars.
I do not know who created the idea behind this movie.  Obviously they knew what they were doing because my 2 boys walked out saying this was one of the best movies they had ever seen!  So if you have a little boy, maybe he might like it too! I would definitely wait until this movie comes out on DVD, because movie prices are crazy these days and this one is just not worth it!

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