Super 8 was really great! Real Parent Review

Super 8 is a collaboration between JJ Abrams (LOST, Fringe, Star Trek) and Steven Spielberg.  You can see both of their fingerprints throughout the movie, but especially JJ’s.  If LOST was made as a 2 hour movie instead of a long running TV series this may be what it looked like.   After they give you some set up with who the characters are you get to the beginning of the story and the action.  This begins with an exceptionally well done crash scene that also drops you into a mystery that sets the whole movie in motion.

The movie is set back in 1979 and they appear to get every detail of that time down perfectly, right down to the posters on the wall of the main character (which are probably ones I had then too).  The best way to describe this movie is that it is a mix of Aliens and Stand By Me.  There are a number of great suspenseful moments where you literally jump out of your seat after waiting for the inevitable gotcha to occur.  There is also a great story aspect to this movie as well, with four boys who are all the best of friends, trying to make it through this extraordinary situation they have been placed.  Some step up to the challenge more than others.  Overall, this is a great, fun, roller coaster ride of a movie.

It is not, however, a movie I would recommend taking young children to.  I am not going to give away too much of the story, but it can be scary at times and there are elements which would frighten a young child.  There are a number of scenes where things jump out and caused us to jump a little out of our seats (in a fun way).  I took my 13 year old along with me (who BTW loved it too), but I was very glad I didn’t take my 10 year old who I think would have been very scared.  There is very little in the way of bad language and no sex at all, but the scary aspect might be too much for the youngsters.  If Mom and Dad want a movie night out, this would a great choice.  I think that the youngest child I would bring to this movie would be an 11 or 12 year old.  This movie is scary and there are scenes where sudden things happen which I think would scare most kids!  Be very cautious before taking a child to this movie please.

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