Escape from Planet Earth Real Parents Review

Escape from Planet Earth is a movie about 2 brothers, both aliens, whose jobs are to
save their fellow aliens when they get in trouble around the galaxy.
 One of the brothers (Scorch) is the hero who flies around and saves the
alien babies who have been abducted and does his job with great “style”
(think – Buzz Lightgear). His older brother (Gary), who happens to be
much smaller and smarter, stays back at Mission Control and helps his
brother get out of the messes he makes while saving the galaxy – the brains behind the brawn. The
tables are turned when Scorch gets captured on Earth and Gary
needs to be the hero and save him.  There are a number of great actors
who provide their voices for this movie including: William Shatner, Brendon
Frasier, Rob Corddry, Jane Lynch, George Lopez, Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, James Gandolfini and more.

I think this movie is aimed at young children, possibly in the 3-7 year old range.  There is no swearing at all.  No sex or
sexual situations.  Good cast and a plot that the kids can easily follow
(although parents might not find it too stimulating).  The aliens in the movie are
not scary at all and even in a theater full of kids, I heard nothing but
laughter throughout the movie.  Its not the best animated movie I have
seen, but it was also far from the worst.  

jokes are multilevel and can be appreciated by parents whose children
may not get the references.  These jokes go right over the heads of the children.  The only complaint I had, was that there were
far too many product placements once they landed on Earth – 7-11 stores,
pop chips, etc.  I would also recommend that you NOT see this in 3D unless you really feel like spending a few extra bucks.  There were very few scenes that even used 3D and those were more of the contrived sort (a paddleball where the ball keeps coming right at you).  We took our glasses off and did not need them shortly after the movie started.

We took two kids with us to see this movie. One is 8 and one is 14.  Both of them were very lukewarm about the movie.  They both give it 2 stars out of 5. I am not sure who this movie is aimed towards.  We did bring anyone in the under 8 category, so maybe that is the target age.  Leave me a comment if you go to see it, I would love to know what you think of it!

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