Snow days and quinoa chocolate chip cookies 1

This winter has been a doozy!  Snow, ice, snow and more snow!  It has been a winter wonderland. I am not sure who likes the snow more, the kids or Molly, our dog!  She can pull them through the snow on the sled. It is so funny.

We have spent a lot of time playing in the snow this week.  But you know what happens after playing in the snow? You are very hungry!
Diane is perfecting her pizza technique on our new pizza maker.

The pizzas on the Breville pizza maker are still coming out incredible.
To satisfy the munchies today I made some quinoa chocolate chip cookies that the kids said were delicious.  Thank goodness most of them do not read this blog or they might not have even tried them.  I hope you know how to make quinoa with no effort in your rice cooker.  This is what my cooked quinoa looks like.

They are really good, and quite healthy.  Ours are almost all gone.  And with more snow coming, I better start another batch!


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One thought on “Snow days and quinoa chocolate chip cookies

  • Carlie

    Nice job on the tree house! I have a love for tree houses. I had one growing up. I thought it was the coolest thing. Today I sell kids tree houses for a living. My kids tree houses are caved out of trees and the base is a howolled out tree. Kids love them. Thanks for posting!