Stream of Consciousness Sunday 10

Thank you Fadra, for inspiring me to write for 5 minutes, unedited, stream of conscious style. I have a lot on my mind, and it felt good to get it all down on paper, or write it on my blog.

So we have lived in Virginia for 4 weeks now, and I have noticed a few differences from all the other places we have lived in the past.

*People drive way too fast. Speed limits on most roads are 55. Everyone takes that to mean 70-80. I prefer going about 35 and I am needing to find my inner teenager, excited to drive with speed, and step on the gas. Seriously, these drivers scare me!

*So many enormous places of worship! Whatever religion you might be, there is a giant place for you to attend services. I am not joking. While driving to a birthday party last Sunday we past 4 different houses of worship. Each had more than 1,000 cars in the parking lots, with plenty of police escorts helping members enter or exit the parking lots. I think I pass 14 houses of worship on the way to the kid’s school, maybe more?

*People are very friendly! Neighbors are often just stopping by to say hi. Ringing our doorbell with snacks and welcome gifts. Asking if the kids can come outside to play. Friendly neighborhood with wine club, dinner club, BUNCO nights, and more. Such a warm welcome.

*Alcohol is EVERYWHERE! I am not a drinker, but wow if I was, this is the place to live. Almost every aisle in Target has alcohol in it. So weird to see! Grocery store has 5 aisles of just alcohol. Trader joes has 4 aisles. If you don’t like the strict alcohol buying laws in your state, come move here! I wonder if there are more members of AA here??

*Oops, I have been writing for 8 minutes, time flies when you are having fun? My last observation is that there are many more open spaces, parks, and places to enjoy nature here. Things are more spread out and encourages you to exercise.  Molly sure appreciates these surroundings very much! 

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10 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Sunday

  • Kenya G. Johnson @

    Ha! I'm in NC, where did you move from. I know a couple summers and I, my dad and I were at a family reunion in Delaware. We wanted to get some beer to take back to the hotel room and he said they didn't sell it in the grocery store or gas stations. I was like "What?!" He and I ended up going to a TGIF that was walking distance from the hotel. I'd be curious to know more about your theory on people in AA here versus other places. Anyway, welcome to the east coast 😉

    • sara lafountain

      HI Kenya! We moved from a state that only allowed alcohol to be purchased in liquor stores. It is so CRAZY to me to see alcohol for sale absolutely everywhere, and so many options to choose from! It really makes me think that there are more alcoholics and therefore more AA members and meetings.

  • Rachee

    My brother in law is from Virginia and he always going down to visit. I love and live vicariously through your friendly neighbors. Such a nice welcome to your neighborhood.

  • all.things.fadra

    It definitely changes the further south you go. I lived in NC for many years and there were churches everywhere! I do miss the abundant alcohol though. In MD, it's very limited as to where you can buy it.

  • Kendra Frampton

    So I just this week moved to Utah from out there and I notice these things too:
    1. Church buildings everywhere!
    2. No alcohol in any stores (you have to go to the liquor store
    3. People drive way too slow!
    Funny how we notice the same yet different things!

  • Monika

    I'm from MN & we drive pretty fast here. This is also the land of Target, but our stores have to alcohol in them beyond 3/2. The Trader Joes here have to be separately since you can not buy alcohol on Sunday's. So very nice that your neighbors have opened up to your family so quickly.