Popcorn makes any movie better!

For many reasons, our family watches a lot of movies at home. Between Amazon Prime and Netflix, we have our pick of many awesome old and new flicks to enjoy together. Jake is our resident popcorn maker for movies. He pops the kernels (we love the Bob’s red mill kernels the best). They are a part of our monthly Subscribe and Save order from Amazon. (If you don’t know about Subscribe and Save and you have Amazon Prime, send me an email!)  Jake loves to create toppings on his freshly popped kernels and he serves everyone a big bowl to snack on.

IMG_6007 But sometimes, Jake is tired and not in the mood to make a popcorn party, or maybe we are out of popcorn kernels, so we sometimes buy salty snacks as well.  Recently I read about Snacks101 and their new product, the first Baked popcorn!  We were sent a box with 3 flavors to sample and these were a really delicious snack!  Baked popcorn comes in 6 flavors, I think we might need to try them all:

*Less Mess White Cheddar

*Brown sugar cinnamon Kettle Corn

*Sweet and salty Kettle Corn

*Purely Sea Salt

*Sweet and spicy sriracha

*Smokey Chipotle

Our family got to taste three of these flavors.  The less mess cheddar was really much less messy and less sticky without losing the delicious cheddar flavor.  There are no kernels in this brand of popcorn which is great, less stuff gets stuck in your teeth!  The cheddar flavor was mild and not very overwhelming, but that was a good thing.  It did not overpower your mouth and you could easily polish off a whole bag!  The sea salt flavor was very mild.  We thought it could use a bit more salt (we really love salty snacks).  The sea salt tasted extremely fresh, almost like it was popped and bagged just yesterday.  It was much better than other plain popcorn bags.  Finally, we tasted the smokey chipotle flavor.  This was the favorite flavor of the older males in our house.  It had a definite kick to it, but not in a “I need a glass of milk right now way”.  There was a subtle smokey undertone which was really good.  We look forward to trying the other 3 flavors soon.

Snacks 101 is really a very healthy alternative to other not so great snacks.  Some of the benefits of buying the Snacks 101 Baked Popcorn are:

*No unpopped kernels


*Made with pure coconut oil

*No preservatives or transfat

*Gluten Free




What are you waiting for? Get your family together for movie night and enjoy some Baked Popcorn or create your own!

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