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brand new whole foods in pentagon city

Hey DMV, did you know that a brand new Whole Foods opened this morning? At the corner of 12th Street South and South Eads in Alexandria there is a sparkling new mecca for foodies. We were lucky to attend a quick media tour (thanks Annie)  through the gorgeous space right near the Pentagon City mall.  This is THE nicest Whole Foods I have ever visited.  As a healthy food lover, advocate, and blogger, I visit Whole Foods markets wherever I go, but this location is truly spectacular.  The best thing we found at this location was the first package of the Beyond Meat Burger sold right in the meat case. You cannot find this burger anywhere else except in Colorado.

brand new whole foods in pentagon city

Isn’t this veggie display so cute? The radishes and broccoli pictured here were so fresh and inviting. The 36,800 square foot store is loaded with amazing and unique fruits and vegetables to tantalize even the pickiest eaters.  We tasted an awesome pink dragonfruit that a produce member was cutting up for visitors.  Every section of the store has a unique and modern display that will encourage you to visit often. Shopping is usually a chore you do not look forward to, but this store might change that feeling for many customers.  And if you really love this store, you can live next door and have your own private Whole Foods entrance. The Bartlett Apartments have it all, pet friendly services, rooftop pool, fitness center, lounges, and so much more. If I did not already have a great place to live I would totally be moving in here.

10 pound jackfruit at the new Whole Food at Pentagon City

The Whole Foods Market Pentagon City will be a place for families and professionals to relax, recharge and refuel.  Can you believe the size of this HUGE jackfruit?  It was more than 10 pounds. Have you ever tried Jackfruit? Believe it or not, this is a great meat substitute for vegans and vegetarians. We have never seen one quite this big though.

cheese display at the new whole foods at Pentago City

This cheese department is nicer than any I have ever seen.  Not only did it look gorgeous, there were so many unique offerings.  If you are a cheese lover you will be right at home at Whole Foods Pentagon City. I love the way this cheese display has most of the choices at eye level, rather than down low where you need to search through and find the one you are looking for.

serve yourself pasta at the new Whole Foods Pentagon City

We met the Severino Pasta company more than 5 years ago at the Media night at the Whole Foods in Rockville.  It was so nice to see that they are back again with a really cool self-serve pasta bar.  Each of the pasta shapes are made fresh daily with the secret Severino family recipe.

cupcake display at the new Whole Foods in Pentagon City

This cupcake display is right in the middle of the bakery area, close to the pasta and the breads.  The cupcakes were displayed in a fancy jewelry type lighted box.  Every single person who passed it stopped to look and dream of one of these sweet confections.  A half hour after I took this picture more than half of the cupcakes were purchased.  When you make a beautiful display like this, the product sells itself!

cookie tea cart and the new Whole Foods in Pentagon City

Deciding which cookie to choose from on this double sided tea cart display is close to impossible.  With over 80 varieties to pick, you are sure to find a new favorite here.  Cake balls, decorated cookies, simple cookies, sandwich cookies, brownies and even chocolate covered pretzels.  Your sweet tooth will be very happy here.

pizzas for sale at the new Whole Foods at Pentagon City

The circular rotating pizza oven from Italy is cranking out some incredible pizzas.  Square or round pizzas are for sale here.  There is even an electronic ordering area right across from the pizzas where you can place your own order, choosing your toppings and your crusts.  Walk around and enjoy the store while the pizza makers create your pie.

paper horse ramen bar at the new whole foods in Pentagon City

Maybe you do not feel like pizza tonight, but you do feel like a fresh Ramen bowl.  You are in luck since Paper Horse by Erik Bruner Yang (of Maketto and Toki Underground)  is opening soon with a few delicious and customizable ramen options.  There will be two base options, one is a pork belly and the other a vegetarian/vegan one.  What a lovely quick service addition (around $12) to the usual Whole Foods fare.

The Basin bar room at the new Whole Foods at Pentagon City

After you pass all the fast casual options you will come to the corner where a small restaurant called the Basin Barroom sits. It is a relaxing space with 15 beers and 1 Kombucha on tap.  An extensive list of wine and cocktails are also served here.  The menu at the bar or tables is a simple battered vs. broiled seafood style.  Some of the menu items include Oyster Shooters, Seafood Salsa and Chips, Cajun BBQ Shrimp, Lobster Roll and a Seafood Salad.  You can also choose from a sandwich or platter menu with the options being rockfish, salmon or grouper and then a fried clams, oysters or shrimp platter or sandwich as well.  All the bread served at the Basin is from local Leonara Bakery in Arlington!  Happy Hour will be at the Basin weekdays from 4-6pm, with $1 off Pub Drinks.

salad bar fixings at the new Whole Food Pentagon City

Every Whole Foods has a wonderful salad bar.  It is one of the things I love most and expect to see at a Whole Foods. But oh my gosh, can you believe all these toppings? I feel like moving in next door so I can visit this salad bar for lunch every day.  I am in serious salad bar heaven!  At media night I got a small bag of locally made goodies that I will share with you next week, some delicious and fun products that I am eager to tell you about.

kids get a free treat after checking out at Whole Foods Pentagon City

Hey kids, listen up, the Whole Foods Market Pentagon City Kids Club wants you to have a healthy snack on them!  Choose one treat (apples and bananas were on the top shelf) as a gift for shopping with your parents.  There are some nice quiet tables right after the checkout area if your kids want to stop and enjoy their treat after shopping with you.  Every store should have this, am I right?

This post is getting very long, but there are still a few things I want to share with you.  Not pictured, but still very cool and only found at the Whole Foods Market at Pentagon City:

  1. Full service coffee and juice bar with nitro dispensed cold brew coffee, hemp milk lattes, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, acai bowls, and cold brew teas.  Pretty awesome options at the grab and go area right in front!
  2. Farmstand Freeze, the first in our region, where fruits and veggies are frozen overnight, then they are placed into a Pacojet machine and shaved while injecting air into it to create a light, fluffy and fruity dessert.  This non-dairy, low sugar dessert sounds amazing.  We will be trying it and photographing it next time.

charge your electric vehicle while you shop at Whole Foods Pentagon City, full review at www.cookwith5kids.com

If you bring along your electric vehicle, there are 2 free charging stations in the below ground parking area.  It is so nice to go shopping, eat dinner, and come back to a fully charged car!

Beyond Meat Burger: The Vegan burger sold in the Meat Case

And lastly, we were able to buy one of the FIRST ever sold on the East Coast, Beyond Meat Beyond Burgers and we will be trying it out tonight.  These burgers are 100% vegan, all natural, and are supposed to be a delicious meat alternative for those who miss the flavor and taste of a beef burger.  We will be posting our full review tomorrow, but until then the package looks like this (and they cost $5.99 for two patties).

Beyond Meat, the Beyond Burger, plant based burger patties

Are you curious how the Beyond Meat Beyond Burger tastes? We tried it and we have a video to show you exactly what it looks and tastes like:

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