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Giveaway of Incredible Back to School Shopping Items

I have so many amazing prizes to share with you today.  Getting ready to go back to school will be a little less painful because one of you will win this incredible prize package.  Back to school shopping is no joke, your list is a mile long and shopping for that light green folder can be stressful (last year I needed to find a light green folder and it took me days to find and many stores to visit).  Instead, make a nice cup of tea, put up your feet, and enter this back to school giveaway today.  Entering is really easy by using the rafflecopter below.

Here are all the items ONE lucky prize winner will receive:

Giveaway Rules: Winner must live in the US.  All entries will be checked and verified.  Winner will have 24 hours to confirm their name, address and phone number for prize shipment.  Think how easy your back to school shopping will be this year if you are the winner.

  1. Picture Keeper: You have important summer memories stored as pictures on your cellphone.  But do you always remember to backup all the precious photos you take? I recently lost 3 years worth of photos when my phone died because I did not back up my photos regularly.  Picture keeper=mobile backup simplified!  One winner will receive a 16GB Picture Keeper Connect and is worth $80.  Peace of mind with your precious photos is priceless!  You do not need any internet, just plug the USB into your phone and the app will download all your photos immediately.
  2. Red Baron Pizza:  Back to school means worrying about getting dinner on the table each school night.  Red Baron pizza wants to treat you to pizza night done right.  Next time you are on the run and busy with after school activities, you might realize it is a pizza night.  Red Baron pizza has been a weeknight lifesaver and has helped get dinner on the table for more than 40 years.  The Red Baron brick oven crust is fire baked to perfection in an 800 degree oven.  One winner will receive 20 Red Baron pizza coupons, worth $140.
  3. Violet Love Headbands:  If you have a daughter I am sure you struggle with her hair.  One of our biggest struggles is keeping her hair out of her eyes so she can see better during the school day.  We have tried many clips and headbands on my daughter’s curly hair.  Violet Love is her current favorite headband.  They have super cute styles and awesome colors to choose from.  One winner will receive 2 Violet Love headbands, colors will vary, worth $35.
  4. Para’kito Bracelet Mosquito Repellent: We have so many mosquitos in our neighborhood.  Finding a repellent that is deet free and safe for children and pets is difficult.  The Para’kito bracelet is fashionable and effective. My daughter loves to wear her bracelet every time she goes outside.  The bracelets are refillable with the extra inserts that are available on their website.  The inserts are made out of essential oils and vanillin.  The inserts smell much better than other mosquito repellents that we have tried.  One winner will receive one star Para’kito bracelet, worth $20.
  5. Little Miss Matched:  My daughter fell in love with the products from Little Miss Matched the second she saw them.  Their website has the cutest clothing, socks, backpacks and so much more your kids will love. Everything is brightly colored and my daughter says “Little Miss Matched makes her feel happy”.  The socks are super cute because they are meant to be not matched up perfectly (this is a Mom’s dream come true! Mismatched socks are cool! ).  One winner will receive a $30 Gift Card to spend on the Little Miss Matched website.
  6. SoulKix:  SoulKix is a new company that allows you to create personalized shoes.  You design what will appear on these cool kicks. Favorite sports team, sure. Do you have a drawing that your son made for you, no problem!  For every purchase of a pair of SoulKix, they donate one pair to Soles for Souls, pretty awesome, right?  Over 500 celebrities, musicians and athletes wear SoulKix too.  Designing your own pair of Kix is easy and so much fun.  One winner will receive one pair of customizable SoulKix, worth $80.
  7. Go Raw and Birch Benders:  Organic, Non-GMO, healthy snacks are a staple in our home.  We love to make breakfast for dinner and Birch Benders is the perfect way to elevate our pancakes and waffles.  There are 9 delicious flavors (Chocolate peppermint is our family favorite).  These gourmet treats are made by just adding water to the mix.  Go Raw snack line has over 50 creative snacks that are all made form raw sprouted ingredients.  These organic snacks taste so good.  One winner will receive Go Raw Sprouted Bites, Flax Snax and Watermelon Seeds and also all 9 Flavors of Birch Benders entire line, worth $70.
  8. Amazing Toy Package from ChizComm:  One winner will receive an amazing Toy package filled with all the latest toys including: Mash’Ems, Fash’Ems, and Micro Lites all by Tech4Kids, World’s Smallest Toys by Super Impulse, Emojiez by Fun 2 Play Toys, Surprizamals by Beverly Hills Teddy Bear, Super Wings transforming characters by Auldey Toys and Floof by Play Visions.  You will be all set for birthdays and holidays with this amazing toy prize package, worth over $175.  Thank you to Chizcomm for providing such a generous toy prize package.
  9. Master Lock: Having a lock for your locker is a necessity when school starts. The newest lock technology from Master Lock is a bluetooth lock. How cool is that? You can use your smartphone to open this lock, no codes or numbers to remember.  I wish I had this when I was young, as I always forgot my lock combination.  But wait, I have one more awesome lock for you, the 1500iD.  This speed dial lock also does not require you to remember numbers.  You move the lock in a certain order of directions, up, down, left or right and then it opens.  One winner will receive these two locks that are worth $95.
  10. Gemlins: Your child will fall in love with the Gemlins.  The Gemlins packs will provide the pieces so your child can create their own charm bracelet.  There are 6 gem families to collect: ruby, aquamarine, citrine, sapphire, amethyst and emerald.  Each pack also includes 2 surprise, hidden gems that are either crystal, amber, alabaster or light topaz.  Each pack also includes the bracelet string and spacer beads.  These charm bracelets are for children 5 and up.  One winner will receive 3 blister packs of 10 Gemlins each, worth $35.
  11. Fresh Wave:  When school begins, some new smells suddenly fill your home.  Some of these new smells are not so pleasant.  Fresh Wave to the rescue! Fresh Wave is the safe and natural way to get rid of all the odors in your life and home.  Fresh Wave uses water and plant extracts and is safe to use around your kids and pets.  I have one of the Fresh Pods in my trash can and it has never smelled better.  One winner will receive a Fresh Wave gift pack which will include 1 odor removing spray, 1 odor removing gel and 1 bag of 6 odor removing packs. worth $35.
  12. Finders Key Purse:  This is one of the most important items that you can buy for your daughter before sending her off to college or if she lives alone. The Finders KeepHer Safer Kit will provide peace of mind and safety to you and your daughter. Each kit comes in a clear purse and includes a pepper spray keychain, personal panic alarm LED keychain, drink test kits (test your drink for tampering!), and 2 Finders KeyPurse hooks.  One winner will receive one Finders KeepHer Safer Kit, worth $50 (some states will not allow shipment of pepper spray).  If you want to just buy the drink test kits you can buy those here (I know if my daughter ever went to a bar I would want her to have these drink test kits with her!)
  13. Triple Flip:  Triple Flip clothing is a Canadian company that makes clothing just for tween girls.  Triple Flip clothing is comfortable and fits tweens perfectly.  They were inspired by real girls who want to wear comfortable clothing.  Not only does this company make cute clothing, they care about empowering tween girls as well.  Triple Flip wants girls who wear their clothing to feel good inside and out.  I love to empower my daughter and she loves supporting amazing companies like Triple Flip.  One winner will receive a Triple Flip pair of leggings in Light blue, size 4, worth $60.
  14. Boiron:  Back to school means back to germs.  My kids get sick as soon as school starts.  No matter how many times I remind my kids to wash their hands they still bring home tons of coughs and colds.  We always try to treat a cough or cold with a homeopathic solution first.  Boiron has may great products that have gotten us through some tough winters.  One winner will receive a value pack of homeopathic cough, cold & flu remedies: one bottle of Children’s Chestal Cough & Cold, one box of oscillococcinum, and one bottle of Children’s Chestal honey cough and chest congestion, worth $40.
  15. Extraordinaires Design Studio Deluxe: My kids are often bored, especially in the summer.  I need many creative things that they can explore and this game has been perfect to inspire them.  Extraordinaires was created by the group behind Rory’s Story Cubes, which is one of our favorite creative story games. Extraordinaires is a creative thinking game (you can read more about it here,) that will keep your problem solvers very busy.  One winner will receive an Extraordinaires Design Studio Deluxe worth $40.
  16. Scent Bursts and Scent Sticks:  When you want a clean and natural way to scent your home  you should try scent bursts and scent sticks.  Their products will keep your home smelling amazing all day long.  These scents are all based on fragrances found in nature.  Never worry about the way your house smells again.  One winner will receive: (4) Essential Elements™ Scent Bursts™,
    (4) Essential Elements™ Scent Sticks™, (1) Essential Elements™ Scent Sticks™ holder, (1) 14.75oz 3-wick Essential Elements™ Candle and (1) 9oz Essential Elements™ Candle worth $65.
  17. Rollers Game:  Our family loves to play board games and we have reviewed many games over the years.  Our new favorite game is Rollers.  This strategy game can be played by up to 5 people and is for ages 8 and up.  You roll the dice (yahtzee style) and then decide what you will do with the dice you rolled.  But be careful, until you have locked in your numbers, they can be stolen by another player.  We play this game almost every night after dinner.  One winner will receive Rollers by USAopoly and it is worth $20.
  18. Zing Bars:  I saved the best prize for last.  I love every one of these prizes but zing bars are my favorite new snack bars with incredible taste and great health benefits.  Zing Bars come in mini size or full size and 7 flavors are vegan and 3 are dairy.  All of the flavors are gluten free, kosher, high in protein and fiber, have no GMOs or preservatives and are all natural.  These delicious bars are filling because they have a smart balance of protein, slow burn carbs, good fats and dietary fiber.  My personal favorite flavor is the dark chocolate mint.  These bars were created by nutritionists and it is hard to keep myself from eating more than one a day.  One winner will receive a box of 12 full size bars and 8 mini bars and is worth $45.
  19. Tangle Creations: A few more items to add to my giveaway! Tangle creations makes the coolest items for kids to use in therapy to strengthen their hands, or even in a classroom situation to keep hands from fidgeting.  Tangle also makes many glow in the dark balls and outdoor toys.  You can see the entire Tangle collection here.  One winner will receive a Tangle Braintools activity book, and two Tangle therapy relax therapy items worth $40.
  20. ArcKit:  Another last minute addition for you!  ArcKit is from Dublin Ireland and is the first scaled freeform architectural model building system for children or adults.  This will encourage your child who enjoys building to take it to the next level and learn real architecture.  If you an imagine it, you can build it!  One winner will receive one ArcKit Mini Curve Set with 90 pieces so you can build many contemporary curved structures and is worth $40.

Just when you thought you were at the end of my giveaway list I have ONE MORE necessary back to school item.  One winner will win all 20 items above PLUS one Texas Instruments TI84 Plus CE Graphing CalculatorsA second winner will be picked and will also win one TI84 Plus CE Graphing calculators!  Each calculator is worth over $100 and is a required back to school item for almost every high school student.

Good luck to all of you!  Thank you for visiting and supporting these amazing sponsors.  If you are not a winner, please show these brands some love!

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