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I have loved shopping at the GAP since my first baby was born over 20 years ago. I bought all our baby essentials there: cute pajamas, trendy sweater sets and of course the jeans.  My boys always looked like a walking GAP ad.  When invited me to choose my top 4 gifts from the GAP I really felt like I could be a GAP expert. All of these years I have been enjoying this store, and now I was picked to be a part of the Gift Guide Team.  You can click here to see all the awesome gift suggestions from the 20 stores, including Kohls, Foot Locker, HP and much more.  My suggestions are on Page 8 of the gift guide, which includes something for your favorite kids, men, and women too.  When you shop at the GAP you are getting high quality items. I passed down each of the children’s polo shirts, sweaters and jeans through 4 boys! This clothing is built to last, while being super trendy and stylish. Holiday Gift Guide

You can see what I recommend from the GAP here:
Gap Gift Guide

Do you love to shop at the GAP too?  What are your favorite things to buy there? Holiday Gift Guide featuring gifts from the GAP. Full story at

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