Are you sick of tying your child’s shoes every day, then you need SnapLaces the no tie shoelaces 34

SnapLaces the no tie shoe laces. Full story at

No tie shoelaces are a must for every parent

As a Mom for the past 20 years and a teacher for 10 years I have probably tied over a million shoes, possibly even more. When my boys were little I loved buying velcro shoes because I did not need to worry about tying their laces.  As they got older the velcro options dwindled down to nothing.  Two of my boys have hypotonia which means their hands and fingers have very weak muscle tone which prevents them from doing simple things like tying their shoes.  When SnapLaces contacted us and asked if we would like to try a pair of their high performance no tie shoelaces we said, “YES please!”.  Once we tried this new product we realized we could not live without them.  SnapLaces are life changing and every single kid in the world would love to have these instead of tying their shoelaces all day long.  In the picture above you can see the pink SnapLaces in my daughter’s shoes.  Yes, my daughter loves to tie her shoes and she ties all her friend’s shoes too.  But when she saw her brothers had these cool no-tie laces she wanted to try them too.  She does not miss tying her shoes at all and she wishes all the kids in her class had them.  The SnapLaces take a few minutes to fit into the shoe, but once they are in, you never need to touch them again.  My husband even tried these in his sneakers and he was very impressed.  It was so much easier to put on his sneakers to take the dog out for a quick walk.  You can even buy these laces on Amazon here.  They come in tons of different colors for your child to make their sneakers tons of fun and easier to use!

Glow in the dark Bug Band. Full review at

We have one more recommendation you cannot live without.  BugBand is a bracelet that is easy to use.  You simply take it out of the package and put it on your wrist, simple right?  This bracelet has insect repellant built into it, which is safe to use for kids or adults and is deet free.  Plus, this particular band glows in the dark. We use these bands on any dark dog walks to keep the bugs away and to also keep us safe at night.  These bands repel mosquitos, flies, gnats, no-see-ums and fleas.  Each band lasts 120 hours when it is stored in its reusable container. You can find a whole bunch of different BugBand products on Amazon here.  We used these bracelets all summer and we had almost zero bug bites!

Both the SnapLaces and the BugBands were products that we reviewed this summer. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own.

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