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Tech gift guide for kids.

Kids today have grown up with technology since birth. Naturally, a gift that uses technology is a smart gift idea. Today I am sharing the best tech gifts for kids. Our family is built around technology. We communicate with instant messages, and we rely on the latest technology daily. It is safe to say that we are technology experts so we are sharing our top 5 tech gifts for kids. These gifts will make any native technology user very happy. If you are looking for non-tech gifts for your children, please visit this post from last week here. Tomorrow we will be sharing our Technology gifts for adults as well.

Tech gifts for kids:

1. Skylanders Imaginators: You can find this set for Wii U here:Skylanders Imaginators – Wii U and for PS4 here: Skylanders Imaginators – PlayStation 4 and for XBOX ONE here: Skylanders Imaginators – Xbox One. The Skylanders Imaginators are the newest addition to the video game market with some super cool twists! You can now download the Skylanders Creators App and create your own Skylander and then play through new storylines and gameplay. My daughter says this is really awesome! There are new Senseis, 20 new characters and 11 new villains including KAOS and special guests Crash Bandicoot and Dr. Neo Cortex. With the App your child can make their own creation into a toy or a shirt! The Skylanders Imaginators would make a perfect gift for any tech loving kids.

2. Kano Computer Kit: The KANO kit is the computer your child will be build themselves and then use to play games, learn to code and do so much more. It took my son about 20 minutes to unpack all the pieces, follow the easy to read directions and get the Kano up and running. The best part of the Kano is how user friendly it is. Everything is designed so children can understand it and have success and putting the computer together themselves. There are over 150 hours of coding tutorials and learning modules. Once you have the computer kit and screen you can even add on a pixel kit, which is a super cool Lite Brite type board, a camera kit and a speaker kit. The possibilities are limitless with the Kano and we will be showing you some cool projects you can create with the Kano next year. There are so many projects to explore once you have built your Kano including Minecraft and a coding language. You can find it on Amazon here:Kano Computer Kit

3. Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone with Camera: This drone with camera is so much fun! We downloaded an app that allowed us to control the drone. We could see a view from the drone right on our phone. It was pretty cool to see our neighborhood from way up him. This drone goes so high in the air, even my teens thought it was super fun and fought for a turn with the controller. This drone is lightweight and floats up into the sky effortlessly. The battery charge on the drone is not super long, so do not plan to fly it for hours without a charge. For a drone in this price range it works incredibly well! You can find this drone on Amazon here: Call of Duty Dragonfly Drone with Camera

4. Nyko Charge Block Duo: If your tech loving kids enjoy playing video games they probably go through batteries in the controllers all the time. The Nyko Charge Block Duo will fix that problem for you. Use the built in rechargeable batteries and charging block and you will never need to replace the batteries again. It is powered off a MicroUSB cable so you can charge your controllers anywhere. Your existing XBOX ONE or PS4 controllers will fit right into the charging block and you can thank me later. You can find this on Amazon for XBOX One here:Nyko Charge Block Duo – Xbox One and for PS4 here:Nyko Charge Block Duo – PlayStation 4

5. Mario Party Star Rush for Nintendo DS: Last week I listed the Nintendo 3DS XL as a perfect teen gift here. Honestly, you can buy a 3DS for a child of any age who loves tech and games. Once you have your 3DS you need a really fun game to play on it. If you have more than one 3DS make sure you down load the single cart multiplayer in the Eshop for free. I remember the days I needed to buy 2 copies of games for my kids to be able to play together! Toad Scramble is our favorite game to play. It is just as much fun as the old Mario Party games we used to play on the Wii. There are tons of mini games, boss battles, coins and duels to win. Your tech loving kids will love this game for all ages. You can find it on Amazon here:Mario Party Star Rush – Nintendo 3DS

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