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Health starts with good oral hygiene, and having fresh breath is extremely important. We all want to be as healthy as possible and live a long time. But what many people do not realize is that the tongue is the place that bacteria is held and can be the cause of many health problems.  If you do not brush your tongue correctly, you cannot expect to have a clean mouth and fresh breath. You probably speak with many people each day and you do not want them to step away because you have bad breath. Having fresh breath is important for many reasons and I have the perfect easy solution for you today.

TUNG has the solution to help you have good oral hygiene. Pictured above is the tongue cleaning brush and gel that are both made in the US.  You can see a funny video that the TUNG company created, called, “Clean your tongue it smells like bum”. My boys found it quite funny!

Good oral hygiene is the key to good health

TUNG did something very unique, they combined a bacteria neutralizing gel with a tongue brush cleaner. When used together you can really feel your tongue get cleaner and your breath in turn feel fresher. What you cannot see is your oral health keeping you as healthy as possible. The brush was created so that you can clean the back of your tongue without gagging.  You must be careful though and help younger children because they could put the brush in too far. You should be brushing your tongue with the gel every single time, after you finish brushing your teeth. Bacteria grows on your tongue quickly and you want to try to get rid of it as soon as possible. Many people just brush their tongue with their toothbrush each day. This is not recommended because then the bacteria from your tongue is quickly transferred to your teeth. A separate device like the TUNG brush is much better for your oral health. How does the gel work? The zinc in the gel neutralizes the bacteria on your tongue and gets rid of the sulphur which creates the bad breath smell.

My son who loves science enjoyed reading this article and then explained to me all about why we should all be cleaning our tongue. My kids have loved using TUNG brushes and find it kind of fun. After using our brushes and gel the past month I can really feel a difference in my mouth. My tongue and breath have never been cleaner and I feel good about my oral hygiene as well. If you want to buy a TUNG brush and gel for your family, you can find them on Amazon here: TUNG Brush & Gel – Tongue Cleaner – Starter Pack

This post was sponsored by TUNG. All thoughts and opinions are 100% our own. We were sent brushes and gel to try and we love them so much we use them daily.

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