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New York City for my birthday? Yes, please!

This was my third year attending Blogger Bash and it was so much fun. It always falls right around my birthday, and spending my big day with all my best blogging besties is amazing. This year the organizers made me feel like a celebrity. Upon checking in, I had a pin that said Birthday Princess on my name tag and a birthday crown. Every single staff member that saw me, wished me a happy birthday. It was such a warm welcome and I loved every minute of it.

Spending time at the Sweet Suite and talking with the hottest toy brands is a blast. These toys will all be hard to find at Christmas time. Some of these toys are not even available in stores yet.

hot new toys at Blogger Bash: Merge Cube



























The Merge Cube is a hologram that you can hold in your hand. When you wear the Virtual Reality headset (with a smartphone in it) this simple cube turns into an interactive holographic toy. It is hard to describe accurately, how wicked cool this cube is. It is definitely a toy of the future.

hot new toys at Blogger Bash: Thumb Chucks by Zing toys

My kids are wild about fidget toys. These thumb chucks were just one of the fidgety toys that Zing Toys had on display. Thumb chucks light up and even have an app to use with them. I know these will be super popular in schools and in houses this year. I was not very good at the thumb chucks, but I am not the target audience for this type of toy. The kids who I watched trying these picked it up right away.

hot new toys at Blogger Bash: Num Noms

hot new toys at Blogger Bash: LOL

Num Noms and LOL Surprise dolls are both from MGA Entertainment. My daughter is in love with both of these toys. The Num Noms are scented nail polish or lip glosses in a super cute container. The LOL Surprise dolls are really cute very small dolls that come with lots of accessories in a cute ball shape. The mini blogger tries to find these at our local stores and they are always sold out. Anyone who loves the blind bag craze, or small wrapped up gifts, will fall in love with both of these lines.

hot new toys at Blogger Bash: Magic Sketch

This is the Magic Sketch. This toy takes a Boogie Board to a whole other level. Do you know what a Boogie board is? It is an electronic ewriter that you write on and then erase it in seconds. The magic sketch is a much fancier and more fun to use Boogie Board. You can trace pictures, draw in different colors, and with the push of a button, erase the whole thing. In the age of iPads, this toy is so simple and fun. I can think of a million ways my kids could use the Magic Sketch.

New York at Blogger Bash

Until next time New York. I hope you always stay sparkly, loud, and full of excitement. What toys do you think will be the hottest toys this Christmas?

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