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HomeDNA healthy weight kit. Genetic testing done at home

Genetics Testing with the HomeDNA kit

I recently tested a kit from HomeDNA, the Healthy Weight analysis and report. The results from this kit are supposed to provide the keys to a healthier you through examination of your genetics. This kit can be found on the HomeDNA website along with a few other tests, including:  ($119) ($144) ($69) and ($99).

The mission of HomeDNA is to empower you with all the valuable information that is stored in your DNA. These are affordable, easy to access, and simple to accomplish in the comfort of your home. Obtaining the specimen was quite easy. All I had to do was a simple cheek swab and then put the specimen in the postage-paid box. The hardest part of this test was waiting to see what the results would be.

The swab is tested by a full laboratory, the DNA Diagnostics Center in Ohio. This lab has been in business for over 20 years and they have tested more than 1 million samples. The lab emails when your specimen arrives and then also emails you the results. In case you are worried, the lab destroys your sample once testing is done and does not save it for future use. The lab also tests dog breeds with the Wisdom Panel and also has a canine  as well.

My results for this test were quite interesting! I cannot share everything I learned since the report was a PDF that was 72 pages long. I learned many things in the report that I had not known. The report included results in four key areas: Weight loss ability, Food, Nutrients, and Response to Exercise. Not only were the results of the test clearly presented, but there was also a detailed success strategy as well as a custom meal plan. Here is one small part of my personalized report:

HomeDNA healthy weight kit. Genetic testing done at home

As someone who has been slightly overweight most of my life, I was not surprised to see the first result! I have a below average ability to lose weight with diet and exercise. I have tried so many diets with very poor results. Obviously, it is not the diets, it is in my DNA that I am not going to lose weight. You can also see on the chart above that my B12 is very low, such an easy problem to fix with a vitamin!

If these results look interesting to you, there are 71 more pages of information. I found the results incredibly valuable and I have already made a number of changes based on the results of the genetic testing that I did with HomeDNA.

One other interesting thing I learned: I am likely intolerant to dairy! I was lactose intolerant when I was younger, and my results say that I still am!

The detailed meal plan was something I did not expect to receive. You can read one breakfast, morning snack and a part of the lunch that was recommended based on my nutrient profile. Sounds delicious, right?

HomeDNA healthy weight kit. Genetic testing done at home

Which test would you like to try from HomeDNA?

I received a free kit from HomeDNA to try out in order to write this post. This post was facilitated by Brandcycle. All opinions, thoughts, and results are 100% my own.

HomeDNA healthy weight kit. Genetics testing done at home. Learn what foods you should and should not be eating!

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