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Strawberry flavored probiotic supplements

Probiotic Supplements

Winter is here and so are the germs. We all know that we should be trying to have some probiotics each day, but many of the probiotics that we have tried taste terrible. My kids are quite picky when it comes to vitamins and supplements. Their rule is: If it does not taste good, they will not eat it. There is no budging on this rule. When I first asked my kids to try the E.N.T. Care Lifestix, they were scared to try it. Most stick packs are mixed with water and juice to mask the flavor, and they can always taste the grains of powder inside the liquid. These Lifestix packs are just poured right into the mouth to enjoy. My youngest daughter tried the first pack and the smile on her face said it all. “This is so delicious,” she proclaimed. She asked for a second pack, which was a very good sign. Once her brothers saw how much she liked it, they tried it too. Now I need to monitor that each person only has one stick pack per day. The kids describe the strawberry packs as healthy pop rocks. My oldest says it tastes like powdered candy. I love to have it as a sweet treat instead of chocolate.

Strawberry flavored probiotic supplements

Gut functions are an important part of our immune system. But did you know that the gut is not the first line of defense?  Lifestix has created this new kind of probiotic and your kids will love it. My son takes one in his backpack every day and eats it as a snack on his way to school.

On the go Once a day, Strawberry flavored probiotic supplements that my kids love

E.N.T Care is an oral immune probiotic that dissolves in your mouth. It helps to support ear, nose and throat health. The mouth and throat are the body’s entry point for nutrition, but also for threatening germs that can compromise your health.

Once a day, Strawberry flavored probiotic supplements that my kids love

Lifestix are based on the clinically-proven BLIS K12 probiotic strain. E.N.T. Care Lifestix cover the mouth and throat with healthy, beneficial bacteria that both inhibit and crowd out the bad bacteria. With the healthy bacteria guarding the entry point, the germs will not have a chance. The best part of E.N.T. Care Lifestix is that they are effective and taste amazing. The Lifestix come in boxes of 30 sticks, and each stick is individually packaged. The strawberry flavor is excellent. One of my kids finds it very sweet and one of my kids thinks it is a bit sour. I think it tastes sweet and I enjoy having it once a day.

Strawberry flavored probiotic supplements

You can check out the E.N.T. Care Lifestix on their website here. You can find E.N.T. Care Lifestix at a Walgreens near you. Visit their website to find the closest location. You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook to keep updated on new products or flavors.

 What kind of probiotics do you take? 

On the go Once a day, Strawberry flavored probiotic supplements that my kids love
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