New Year Resolutions 34

New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year! I cannot believe we are two years away from 2020. At the beginning of every year, I always make a few resolutions. Some of the resolutions last all year long and others last a few days. 2018 I am including these resolutions:

  • Eat healthier
  • Exercise
  • Sleep more
  • Spend quality time with the family
  • Laugh
  • Drink more water

In order to achieve these new years resolutions, I have a few books and items that will help me achieve them. I hope some of these products will help you achieve your resolutions as well.

New year resolutions with power foods on the go

1.Power Food on the Go by Rens Kroes: This cookbook is full of great ideas for healthy foods you can take with you. These recipes will help you prepare and take healthy snacks with you so that you do not have to eat processed foods. The book is broken up into breakfasts, bread, lunches, snacks, and drinks. Two of my favorite recipes are the carrot pancakes and the coffee muffins. Rens uses healthy ingredients so creatively and these recipes are unique and delicious!

Everyday dinner ideas help with new years resolutions

2.Everyday Dinner Ideas by Addie Gundry: Mom, what’s for dinner? I love the ideas in this cookbook by a winner from Cutthroat Kitchen. There are more than 100 ideas that your family will love! This cookbook includes appetizers, soups, main dishes, sides, and dessert. Two of our favorite recipes so far are the baked eggplant parmesan and the raspberry balsamic chicken wings. If you need new dinner ideas this cookbook might be offer you some great new ideas.

Mindful Eating is a great new years resolution

3.Mindful Eating by Jan Chozen Bays: This book has really resonated with me. This book is unlike all other “diet” books I have read. It shows you how to really think about your food in a new way. I learned what foods I really need and what foods I need to toss aside. There is even a chapter focusing on how to help your children be more mindful eaters. One important takeaway I have been focusing on is to stop grazing on food. This is just one tip I earned in this book. If you want to have a positive relationship with your food, this book can really help.

Sunday family suppers are one of my new year resolutions

4.Sunday Suppers by Cynthia Graubart: This cookbook is organized into 52 weeks of Sunday Supper menus. One of my resolutions is to create more family dinners and this book has given me some amazing meal menus. Every recipe we tried so far has been a winner. Some of our favorite meals include the Fall Chicken Casserole, the Mud Pie Meringue Sundaes, Sweet potato cornbread and Banana Pudding Cheesecake. The photos in this cookbook are stunning. If you want to step up your menu planning, this is the cookbook for you.

Cooking that Counts cooking light meal plans

5.Cooking that Counts by the editors of Cooking Light: This cookbook is great for those that want to lose weight. The included meal plans are between 1200 and 1500 calories and we have found success on these plans. My favorite part is that they offer suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and also a snack! The meals are easy to understand and follow. The lasagna bowl is a family favorite. Instead of using pasta, you use zucchini as the noodles. My son has been cooking his way through this cookbook and he has lost 10 pounds!

New Year's Resolution to go meatless

6. Everyday Vegetarian by the editors of Cooking Light: I have been vegetarian for the past 10 years. I am always eager to find new recipes that I will enjoy. If my carnivores also like it, double win for Mom! This cookbook is great for those people who want new ideas for Meatless Mondays, or who want to consider a vegetarian lifestyle. The roasted cauliflower and chickpea whole wheat spaghetti bowl was a family favorite. We used the white miso paste from the Udon Noodle Soup recipe we made last month. This is a filling, fantastic vegetarian dish.

100% real by sam talbot has wholesome healthy recipes

7.100% Real by Sam Talbot: Sam Talbot was my favorite contestant on Top Chef. His newest cookbook, 100% Real is fabulous because it has no artificial colors or flavors, and some incredibly delightful recipes. His clean food will not have you missing fast food at all. Instead, it will make you want to try more of his wholesome food. Sam’s recipes are not too complicated. Rich flavors and surprising ingredient combinations abound. Our favorite recipes so far include Cinnamon and Coconut Chickpeas, No Bake Tropical Almond Butter Bars, and the White Bean Guacamole. If you need healthy food with bold flavors, this is the right cookbook for you.

Rowing machine is a great way to get exercise

8.Rowing Machine: We try to add to our home gym every few years and this year we added a rowing machine. This device is one that we all are really enjoying! It is easy on the knees, low impact, and you can easily adjust the difficulty. If you are bored with your exercise routine, or you need something to do inside since it is SO COLD, try a rowing machine! We have all been surprised at how much we like to row.

Infused fruit water bottle is great to help you drink more water

9. Infused Water Bottle: Drinking enough water is so important! After suffering with a kidney stone 4 years ago I will never be caught slacking on my water consumption again. This water bottle is really fun, especially when someone does not want to drink “boring” water. We fill this water bottle with fruits and veggies and the water tastes so much better. In the summer we make fruit ice cubes and those are fun to use as well. This bottle is quite large at 32oz so it holds a nice amount if you are going to be out for much of the day.

Jackbox Party Pack 3

10. Jackbox Party Pack 3: If you want to laugh with your family you need to try a Jackbox Party Pack. This set of games is downloadable on any game console (XBOX, Wii, Switch, PS4) Once you download a code, you are ready to play. Each person in your family plays on their own device. You can use a phone, iPad, computer, anything electronic. Every single person in our family, from the youngest child to the adults, loves to play these hilarious games. You can even have people in the audience playing along if you give them your 4 digit code. Our favorite family game in this pack is Quiplash. If your resolution is to laugh more this year, get a copy of one of these hilarious Jackbox Party Pack and be prepared to laugh a lot.

New Year Resolutions

What is your New Year’s Resolution this year?

I received review products to test. Each item went through vigorous testing before being recommended. Some links in this post are affiliate links, and I might receive a very small commission if you click through the links on my blog. Thank you! 

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