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Nausea Remedy

Nausea Relief with the Reliefband 2.0

Does someone in your family suffer from nausea? My son, who has POTS, has been suffering from nausea for the past 7 years with bouts of nausea almost every day. His symptoms are the worst when he is in a car. We have been searching for a nausea remedy for way too long. We have tried all these simple solutions:

  • ginger candy
  • mints
  • peppermint oil
  • Psi bands
  • Dramamine and other OTC medications
  • sipping on ginger tea
  • acupuncture

None of these quick fixes provided much relief. Today is National Stop Nausea Day. You would be surprised to learn how many people suffer from nausea on a regular basis. Some people have motion-induced nausea. This type of nausea is triggered by movement, whether it be a boat, car, or another vehicle. Other people are nauseous without motion. Finding nausea relief is not an easy task.

Reliefband helps the symptoms associated with car motion sickness

When we first tried the Reliefband 2.0 we were skeptical. We have tried other watch type devices with little success. My son likes that this watch looks like a typical fitness band. No one would know why you were wearing it. This device works with neuromodulation. It stimulates the median nerve, which is under your wrist, by using your body’s natural neural pathways to block the waves of nausea that are produced by your stomach.

Nausea remedy with Reliefband

The Reliefband stimulates the P6 Pressure point. This device has been used and tested over the past 20 years in clinical settings. We can now purchase this device for home use. This wearable is wonderful because it provides fast and adjustable relief. There are no dangerous side effects. It can help many conditions including:

  • chemotherapy nausea
  • motion sickness
  • morning sickness
  • cruise sickness
  • amusement park nausea
  • vertigo
  • post op nausea
  • virtual reality nausea
  • airplane nausea

Nausea remedy the natural way


Nausea relief with a simple watch device

What is your best nausea remedy? Please share one in the comments below.

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