Father’s Day Gift Guide 38

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide, 12 great gifts for all the men on your list

Father’s Day gifts can be hard to choose. Dad does not want a tie or underwear. This Father’s Day Gift Guide can serve as a guide for any men in your life. These gift ideas would be perfect for your brother, uncle, son, grandfather, or husband. I hope you enjoy these gift suggestions.

Fathers day gift idea Fitbit Versa

Fitbit Versa: Our family loves smartwatches. We have tried many variations on the smartwatch and fitness tracker through the years. The Fitbit Versa is one of the best we have tested and at under $200 it is reasonably priced. You can also find the Fitbit Versa on the Verizon website here. The first thing I noticed about the Versa is that it looks just like an Apple watch. You can easily track your steps, get your notifications, and see what the date and time are. But the Versa can also do much more!

  • Versa can track your heart rate and sleep. My son has a heart condition and he found the heart rate monitor to be extremely accurate. The sleep tracking system was quite accurate and allowed me to keep an eye on how much sleep my son was getting.
  • Easy to accessorize and personalize. My son made a program to show him what time each of his classes started as well as which class he had next. With a simple look at his watch he could see his whole daily schedule.
  • Long battery life. My son only needed to charge the Versa once every four days. It also only took about 80 minutes to fully charge.
  • Relax app is great for a short breathing/meditation exercise

Fathers day gift guide Urban Armor Gear iPhone case military grade

Urban Armor Gear Phone Cover: The Urban Armor Gear iPhone covers/cases provide excellent protection for your cell phone and also look really cool. We tested the Plyo feather light clear case and that was our favorite case. You can see the beautiful phone through the clear plastic but still have a very protective case on your expensive device. The Urban Armor cases are drop tested and have air soft corners. The buttons work perfectly even though they are covered in clear plastic. The cases also feel SO nice in your hand. At under $30 per case, it provides peace of mind when it comes to protecting your most important electronic device, your cell phone. We tested this case extensively with many drops and falls to the floor. The UAG case performed beautifully and completely protected the phone.

Flexispot standing desk makes a great gift for Dad on Father's day

Flexispot Standing Desk: Standing desks are all the rage right now. For my husband’s Father’s Day gift I wanted to get him something that would be good for his health, a standing desk. I did lots of research and found many pricy solutions. When I learned about the Flexispot standing desk I was sold. Having a desk that can easily allow you to work standing up or sitting down is an excellent Fathers Day gift. This desk is amazing for three important reasons:

  1. You do not need to buy a new desk. It is simply placed on top of your existing desk and then turns it into a standing desk.
  2. It is easy to move it up and down into a perfect working or sitting position. Adjusting the desk into the right position takes a few seconds. The squeeze handle is easy to use and moving it from standing to sitting is painless. You only need to use one hand and very little force to move the desk up and down. Even though you want to be standing as often as possible, sometimes you also are tired and need to be sitting too.
  3. Putting the desk together was very easy. The desk arrived in a huge box and was packaged very carefully. My husband thought it would take all day to build the Flexispot but it was set up in less than 10 minutes.
  4. It provides a very large, sturdy work surface. Since putting the Flexispot in the office my husband has been able to accomplish more work and have his desk in an optimal position. With 12 different positions for the desk, there is a comfortable position for everyone to use.

Father's Day Gift Guide suggestion Pops by Michael Chabon

Pops by Michael Chabon: Does your Dad like to read? I have a perfect Father’s Day gift for the Dad who likes to read. Pops by Michael Chabon is such a fun book. Michael Chabon is one of our favorite authors. We have loved every book we had read by Michael Chabon and this one did not disappoint. This book is a collection of 8 short essays written about Fatherhood. Chabon has a beautiful way with words and you will enjoy reading these short stories about Dads.

Fathers day gift guide featuring the Nomad leather iPhone X case

Nomad Leather Phone Case: The Nomad leather iPhone X case is so luxurious. The leather is very high quality and after using it for a few weeks it begins to age and then looks even more exquisite. The smooth leather looks very professional. This case does not only look beautiful, it protects your phone as well. There is a bumper built inside the leather case which seals your phone in safety. There is a guaranteed 10 foot drop protection on this case. This case also lets you use a wireless charger while the phone is in the case (see the next gift guide suggestion for a wireless stand). This gift would be perfect for a Dad or Grandpa who likes an elegant look on their phone.

Nomad Wireless Travel charger is a great fathers day gift

Nomad Wireless Stand: The Nomad wireless stand would be an excellent gift along with the leather Nomad case above. This wireless charging stand charges your phone in two different positions without plugging your phone in. Simply place your phone on the charger and it begins to charge. A couple things you should know about this wireless charger. It charges a little slower than a regular plug-in charger and it makes my phone a bit warm while it is charging. I keep this charger in my bag and use it at work. I love the convenience of not needing to plug in my phone to charge it.

Stinger insect zapper is a great way to keep your porch mosquito free and a great gift for Dad on father's day

Stinger insect zapper: Our porch is often swarming with mosquitos. Once we started to use the Stinger insect zapper we have seen much fewer bugs. This zapper works with UV black light and protects up to 1.5 acres. Make sure you hang it 7-9 feet above the ground for it to work most effectively. There is a sensor built in so that it turns on right at dusk when the mosquitos are most active. If your yard is filled with bugs the Stinger might be a great Father’s Day Gift.

Upgrade Dads phone to a Samsung Galaxy S9 as a great Fathers day gift

Samsung Galaxy S9: The Samsung Galaxy S9 from Verizon is the phone any Dad would love to upgrade to. We have been testing this brand new Samsung phone and so far we are extremely impressed with the speed, the camera, and the sleek phone. If your Dad likes Android phones, the S9 would make an amazing Father’s Day gift. Here are some of our favorite features of the Samsung Galaxy S9:

  • Galaxy S9 is sleek. It looks so nice in your hand. The screen is gorgeous and everything looks so nice whether you are watching a YouTube video, playing a game, or reading a blog.
  • USB C and wireless charging both work great on the S9 and it charges super fast.
  • It is waterproof so you do not have to worry about dropping it in the water.
  • Fingerprint reader is raised and in a perfect position. This feature works perfectly!
  • A very accurate heart rate monitor and blood pressure sensor on the back of the S9.
  • 12 MP camera and the brightest variable aperture ever on a smartphone!
  • Changing screens and going from app to app is super smooth.

Farberware knife set is a great gift for fathers day. Fathers day gift guide

Farberware Knife Set: This knife set is a great gift for the Foodies for Father’s Day. This wood block looks fabulous on the counter and gives you a sharp knife right at your fingertips. All 13 knives are in the knife armor line and can go in the dishwasher without getting rusty. The handles on these knives feel very nice in your hands and are very easy to control, even when wet. Each blade is made from Japanese stainless steel and stays sharp after many uses. Upgrading Dad’s kitchen knives would be a very useful gift idea!

fathers day gift guide. anysharp knife sharpener makes a great gift for Dad

AnySharp Knife Sharpener: All the foodies know that keeping their knives very sharp is the only way to be an excellent chef. The AnySharp knife sharpener is a compact device that should be in every home kitchen. This sharpener can be used with regular or serrated knives. It safely suctions to any surface so that you can sharpen your knives carefully. With very light pressure your knife will get sharpened in minutes. You do not need to throw away any more knives that are no longer sharp, simply sharpen them.

Catalyst Impact protection for your apple watch. Great gift for Father's Day. Father's day gift guide

Catalyst: Impact Protection for your iPhone or Apple Watch. My Apple watch gets scratched quite easily. Protecting your watch with a stylish case is a great gift for Dad. This apple watch case protects the watch from scratches and also from water damage. Catalyst carries a full line of screen protectors, stylish bands, phone cases, and other electronics protections. I am sure you can find something for everyone on your list in the Catalyst impact protection line.

Montem blanket, camping blanket, great gift for fathers day. Fathers day gift guide

Montem Blanket: If your Dad likes the outdoors you need to check out the Montem line of outdoor products. The Montem blanket is a super warm camping blanket that packs up really small for travel. We keep this blanket in our car just in case we get stuck somewhere in the winter. This blanket has a 40-degree temperature rating. This soft blanket will keep your Dad warm indoors or out. It is water and puncture resistant so perfect for camping, picnics, or at home.

fathers day gift guide ideas 12 great ideas for the men in your life

What will you be buying for your Dad for Father’s Day this year?

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