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Essential Oil Diffuser

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Have you tried essential oils? We use them occasionally for various ailments. My favorite oil is peppermint, it works naturally to cure my headaches. I rub a little bit of peppermint on my temples and anywhere else my head is hurting and I can feel it help immediately. Within an hour my headache is usually gone. I have never found a good way to bring my oils with me on a trip, until now. MONQ portable essential oil diffusers are a great way for on the go essential oil delivery. A portable essential oil diffuser is the key to traveling with your oils.

The portable essential oil diffusers come in 13 scents. Don’t they all sound amazing?

  1. Pumpkin Spice: allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg
  2. Relieve: ginger, helichrysum, and spikenard
  3. Zen: frankincense, sweet orange, and ylang ylang
  4. Happy: fennel, thyme, and vanilla
  5. Sexy: jasmine, lime, and patchouli
  6. Sleepy: chamomile, lavender, and kava
  7. Vibrant: ginger, lemon, and spearmint
  8. Active: bitter orange, black pepper, and sage
  9. Healthy: cinnamon leaf, marjoram, and turmeric
  10. Forest: black spruce, sandalwood, and douglas fir
  11. Ocean: eucalyptus, lime, and tangerine
  12. Mountain: scotch pine, peppermint, and juniper leaf
  13. Love: cacao, davana, and siam wood

Monq portable essential oil diffuser, on the go travel essential oils

The MONQ portable essential oil diffusers are easy to use. You simply mouth inhale one of the blends and exhale through your nose. Each diffuser lasts for approximately 200 or more breaths. The MONQ diffusers are 100% organic and vegan. The plant-based fragrances go through your olfactory and create relaxation or other effects, depending on which blend you use. You can recycle your empty tubes here.  MONQ offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all their products as well as free shipping on any order over $69 and there is a buy one, get one half off special on their website.

portable essential oil diffuser blends

What does MONQ stand for? Modifying one’s natural qualia. Your qualia is important to your entire existence. I define qualia as the way you feel in your mental state that is created by an independent catalyst. Choosing which blend to use can be quite difficult. I found the Zen blend to be extremely relaxing and helped me concentrate on my work better. With the current sale on the MONQ website, you might want to try a few and see which blend makes you feel best.

need a better qualia of life? Try these new portable essential oil diffusers from Monq

Which blend would you like to try first?

This post is sponsored by Monq. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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