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Gift Ideas for Foodies

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Do you need some creative gift ideas for foodies this holiday season? These gift suggestions are great for holiday gifts, but also appropriate for all year round. Foodies love unique foods and they also love cool new appliances. These six gift ideas will make all the Foodies on your list very happy.

soda stream fizzi one touch foodie gift idea

SodaStream Fizzi One Touch: The SodaStream Fizzi one touch would make a wonderful gift for anyone. A SodaStream is not only a great way to make your own sparkling water, it a perfect way to become more environmentally friendly. Once you buy the SodaStream system, you no longer need to buy bottled water at the store. You will be able to make your own sparkling water to take on the go wherever you like. My daughter takes a bottle to school in her lunch box and my husband takes a bottle to work each day. By using the reusable SodaStream bottles an average household can save close to 4,000 bottles from entering a landfill. Drinking SodaStream beverages is also much better for you than soda. Buying a SodaStream is a winning gift for everyone.

tinyB chocolate brigadeiros foodie gift guide idea

Tiny B Chocolates: Tiny B chocolates are handmade Brigadeiros and are a very unique and delicious candy. Brigadeiros are a candy from Brazil and they a perfect bite of sweetness. Each order is made in San Francisco and the candy is gluten-free and low calorie. The flavors are unique: orange zest ginger, cinnamon dark chocolate, passion fruit, and 16 more flavors. Check out all the flavors and place your order for the holidays today. Your foodie will love this unique chocolate treat.

semolina artisanal pasta, foodie gift guide ideas

Semolina Artisan Pasta: Pasta is a staple in our house. One of my children is on the pasta diet, which means he eats pasta as often as possible. He likes to eat the best pasta he can find, and this year his pasta winner was the Semolina Artisan Pasta. Each of these organic pastas is handmade in California. This pasta is more expensive than the boxes of pasta you will find at the grocery store, but it is totally worth it. If you have any pasta lovers, treat them to a gift set of Semolina artisan pasta and they will thank you later.

vitamix aer container to muddle, aerate, whip and emulsify, great foodie gift guide idea

Vitamix Aer: We have owned a Vitamix for 25 years. It is an amazing blender that lasts forevery and can make everything from smoothies to hot soup. The new Vitamix Aer container kicks the standard vitamix up a notch. Now you can aerate your foods with this new container, which fits on all Vitamix bases. This Aer container can whip cream, muddle cocktail ingredients, and even emulsify salad dressings or hollandaise sauce. If your Foodie likes to cook, an Aer container would make an excellent gift.

arctic zero makes a great foodie gift! Non dairy and low calorie options

Arctic Zero Ice creams: If you want a sweet treat to share with your favorite Foodie, you should find some Arctic Zero ice cream near you. If you do not have any at your local store, you can purchase it on Amazon here. Arctic Zero frozen treats are so good, we even eat them in the winter time. Arctic Zero frozen treats come in vegan, non-dairy flavors, light ice cream flavors, and also in bars. The light ice cream pints are all under 360 calories for the entire pint! They are kosher, Non-GMO, and full of flavor. You will not even realize you are eating a lighter ice cream. New this year are the vegan pints and bars. There are nine vegan flavors and each pint is under 320 calories. If your foodie loves sweet treats and zero guilt desserts, surprise them with a case of Arctic Zero treats this year.

Piper & leaf Sassyfras Strawberry Tea, foodie gift guide idea

Piper and Leaf Artisan Tea: We first learned about Piper and Leaf artisan teas at a cooking show this past weekend. This family-run business is a true labor of love. The family members grow and harvest every single ingredient in their custom blended teas. The names of each tea flavor are so cute: Sassyfras strawberry, Mistletoe Grove, Cherry Christmas, Sweetie Pie Chai, Pumpkin Moonshine and much more. If your foodie likes tea, they will love some tea from Piper & Leaf.

gift ideas for foodies, foodie gift guide

Which gift idea for foodies is your favorite? What are you buying for the foodies on your list?

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