Cirque du Soleil Volta Giveaway 24

Cirque du Soleil Volta

Giveaway is closed now. Congratulations to Samantha, the winner of the tickets.

It’s giveaway time! I love sharing fabulous experiences with local families. Today’s giveaway is an incredible prize. One winner will receive 4 tickets to the August 13th 7:30 PM show of Cirque du Soleil VOLTA at Tysons Corner Center. There is only one winner for this giveaway.

cirque du soleil volta giveaway

We experienced the Cirque du Soleil VOLTA show on opening weekend and I only have one word to describe it, SPECTACULAR! Each act was impressive and inspiring. In the photo above you can see the acrobat who did her entire act suspended by her hair in a bun attached by a rope. It was incredible how easy she made this difficult task look. She swung in the air, only connected by her hair.

Our society is addicted to our cell phones from Cirque du soleil VOLTA

The costumes, the storyline, and all of the acts, it all worked together with a beautiful story as the glue. The photo above shows some of the performers who carried around “cell phones” during the show. They were obsessed with their phones and taking pictures of themselves. This was an important reminder that we need to put our phones away and enjoy our life without documenting it all the time.

Mr. Wow, pictured above, was the emcee of the show. He entertained the audience as people were finding their seats. He also kept the show moving while performing short skits. He was hilarious and kept us laughing throughout the show. Mr. Wow provided a great way to distract the audience from the various set changes.

Some acts were slightly more traditional, like this unicycle act. However, it was not just a performer on a unicycle. This performer carried another performer on his back, shoulders, and arms the entire time. He was so incredibly strong and I have no idea how he did these tricks while pedaling his unicycle.

The BMX bicycle act was one of the last parts of the show. The way the performers rode their bikes over the stage, through the air, and over each other was breathtaking. The other acts we loved were the acro lamp, the shape diving, the double dutch jump ropes, and the acrobatic ladder. This show would appeal to people of all ages. My teens loved it as much as their parents did. Children would also love this show. One thing you should know, there is a live band and two amazing singers and violin players who provide the music and entertainment. The music is very loud throughout the show.

A few things you should know about parking before attending this show:
*Go early so you can find a parking spot. You can reserve parking in advance and then you are guaranteed a spot. There are plenty of garages around the big top tent that you can park at. Parking is $25 for most lots.

*Leaving the circus takes a long time as well. Everyone leaves at once and it can take a while to get to your car.

I know you will enjoy this story of transformation as much as we did. Enter on the Rafflecopter below to win 4 tickets to see Cirque du Soleil VOLTA on August 13th at 7:30 PM. Giveaway will close on August 10th at midnight. Winner will be emailed and will have 6 hours to respond to the email. Tickets will be delivered by email. Good luck! If you do not win this giveaway, you should buy some tickets to see this show. You can purchase tickets here. All seats are great since the stage is in the center and the tent surrounds the stage.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We received free tickets to attend Cirque du Soleil Volta. All opinions and thoughts are 100% our own. This giveaway ends on August 11th at midnight.

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