Best water bottle

Best Water Bottle

zak genesis water bottles make great christmas gifts

Finding the best water bottle is not an easy task. We have tried hundreds of water bottles. Many bottles leak. Bottles can be hard to fill or hard to clean. Water bottles are vital to keeping us hydrated and finding the best bottle is a difficult task. The Zak Designs Genesis water bottles have developed a new hydration system.

The reason the Zak Designs Genesis water bottles are the best water bottles:

  • Water stays cool for 26 hours! This water bottle is amazing at keeping your water cold. I put in ice cubes in the morning and the next day the ice cubes are still there. If you like cold drinks, this is an amazing feature!
  • The water bottle is made from a BPA free material and has a double-wall interior. This material is the safest and best material for water bottles for the whole family!
  • The sides of the water bottle have grooves, so it is easy to hold on to. We use these bottles on our walks, hikes, and for exercising. They are great bottles for whatever activity you want to try.
  • Two choices for drinking! There is a screw top so you can chug your water, or there is a straw so you can slowly sip your water. Each time you take a drink you can make your choice how you want to drink from it.
  • Easy one push button to open the straw area. The straw stays clean and covered by the lid until you push the button. Open the button and drink from the straw with one easy push.
  • No leaks! We have not had any leaks at all.
  • Easy to clean. The straw part comes out completely and you can wash it. The main part of the bottle is wide and easy to clean as well.
  • You are helping the environment by using a reusable bottle instead of using single use water bottles.
  • Bottle holds 32 ounces, a very generous amount!

zak genesis water bottles make great christmas gifts

Finding the best water bottle is a very difficult task. We did all the research so you do not have to. If you can find the best water bottle it makes a wonderful Christmas gift!

You can find this bottle on Amazon here.

Zak Designs has been creating fabulous products for more than 40 years. When my kids were little they loved the super cute character cups like this Disney Cars 3 water bottle.

zak genesis water bottles make great christmas gifts