Medterra CBD

I received this product for free from Moms Meet  This post includes my 100% honest opinions.

Medterra CBD

Medterra CBD 1000mg tincture CBD supplement

Have you ever tried a CBD tincture? It can be used to help many ailments including joint pain, sleeping issues, anxiety, and mental clarity. I found that I had a little more energy while I was taking this product. Each bottle contains 1 oz and has 30 servings, perfect for one month.

How does it taste?

This CBD tincture has no flavor or taste. It just feels oily in your mouth and goes down very smoothly. It is easy to take the Medterra CBD tincture. You simply measure out one dropper and put it under your tongue. You let it stay there for about 15 seconds and then swallow it. You can also mix it into your food or beverage.

Does it work?

We tested this product over the past month. My husband has a lot of joint pain and various aches and pains. Last week he woke up with terrible foot pain. He could barely walk. He took a dropper full of the Medterra CBD before he ate breakfast. A few hours later I asked how he was feeling. He was quite surprised to realize that his foot only hurt a tiny bit when he walked on it. By the end of the day the pain was almost completely gone. My husband also noticed less joint pain and more overall energy while taking the Medterra CBD.

Benefits of CBD oil with Medterra CBD

What is the Medterra CBD process?

Medterra takes the creation of its CBD products very seriously. They have full traceability throughout the entire CBD supply chain. Every batch meets Medterra’s standards for high quality and consistency. Medterra is produced in Kentucky. There are no residual solvents or contaminants when it is extracted. When the CBD is manufactured, Medterra only works with GMP (good manufacturing practices) factories. Every Medterra CBD batch is tested at bulk formulation and the finished product is checked that there is 0%THC.

What other Medterra CBD products can you buy?

Medterra sells a full line of products that are backed with their quality assurances. Besides the tinctures that we tried, you can buy topical creams (for aches and pains), women’s monthly wellness tablets, morning wake up tablets, sleep aid tablets, and even pet CBD products.

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Medterra CBD tincture