Thanksgiving dinner for dogs

Thanksgiving dinner for dogs

Merrick Grain-Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner Canned Dog Food

Thanksgiving dinner for dogs, what should you serve your pup on the big day? It is really not a good idea to give your dog food from the Thanksgiving table. There are so many foods that can make them sick. Also, it is a bad habit to feed your dog from the table, he will constantly be begging you for more, not realizing Thanksgiving is over.

Luckily, Merrick has a delicious can of dog food that will make Thanksgiving dinner for dogs any day of the year. This can of wet food is our dog, Molly’s favorite wet food. What is included in this can of dog food? Each can is filled with chunks of turkey, chicken, and sweet potatoes. You will also find some green beans, potatoes, carrots, granny smith apples, and delicious gravy. There are no grains or artificial flavors in these cans.

When you open the can, you can smell the flavors of Thanksgiving bursting out. Molly jumps up on the counter when we open a can of the Merrick Thanksgiving dinner. You can find this delicious canned food here on

I received this item free of charge from in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are 100% our own and Molly gives her own opinions on all dog products.