Tips to save time

Tips to Save Time

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Moms and Dads, we all want to save more time. Each and every household task takes time. Time that we would rather spend doing anything else. 2020 has made me rethink my life goals. I want to waste as little time as possible. Today I have put together 5 tips to save time this year.  

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Shop Online to save time

  • Shop Online: This is the first year I have used an online shopping service. I have a one-year subscription to Shipt and I have been enjoying getting my household goods and groceries delivered when I need to.  Have you felt overwhelmed trying to find time to shop for everyone in your family? Since many of us do not go to many stores anymore, online shopping is the best way to make your life easier. You can save time and money because you won’t be buying as many unnecessary items.

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Create a Job List to save time

  • Create a Job List: Everyone living in your house is capable of doing a few jobs. Even the youngest children can help with jobs. Create a job list and assign jobs to each person. You will feel better that the family is helping keep the house clean. When a cleaning list is posted, everyone is more likely to pitch in. You can even have a special dinner at the end of the week to celebrate a job well done. Another way to deal with your messy house is to do a speed clean for 10 minutes before you go to bed. I do this each night and it is a very satisfying feeling to see how much I can actually accomplish in ten minutes. Another tip is to create a list of one-minute “I’m bored” jobs. Every time your kids tell you they are bored they need to do one task from the list. Some items I have on my one minute list include: fold dishtowels, take out the trash, organize the shoes, wash the dog food bowl, put some dishes in the dishwasher, get the mail, make your bed, clean the counter, vacuum one room, or take out the trash. 

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Prep your Meals to Save Time

  • Meal Prep for the week: Each weekend plan your meals for the week. One of the biggest ways I can save myself time in the kitchen is meal prepping. I’ll create a list of what items I need to purchase, use an app to pick only the items I need, and then grab containers to store produce in when I pick up my groceries for the week. I’ll cute up vegetables and fruit and put them in airtight containers to grab throughout the week. I’ll also add everything I need for the meals in certain bags on the shelf so I can just grab each one for the day and it has all the ingredients I need right there. 

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Plan your clothes to save time

  • Plan your clothes the night before – Mornings are stressful. If you plan exactly what you are wearing the next day, you can go to sleep feeling relaxed. Kids also like to know what to expect in the morning. Encourage your kids to plan their clothing for the next day. Younger children will need help putting together an appropriate outfit, while older kids can do this job alone. You can even take night time planning one step further and pack the kids lunches, get their school bags ready to go, and plan what everyone will eat for breakfast. Stress-free mornings feel fantastic for everyone.


Use a laundromat to save time

  • Get All Your Laundry Done At Once at a laundromat – I am a do one load of laundry a day kind of person. Doing one load a day means that I am always on top of my laundry situation. From talking with all my friends I know that laundry is one of the most dreaded tasks in most households. Laundry often feels like an endless task. One way to get your laundry done quickly and painlessly is at a laundromat. The Clothes Spin is a laundry mat that offers 24/7 service in Madison Heights to help you get several loads done all at once. No wasting time waiting for one load at a time. You simply pay for the laundry through their app, no quarters needed. They have 28 new energy and water-efficient front-loading machines.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to save time. The best advice I can give to busy parents is to plan as much as you can in advance. Plan your meals, plan your chores, plan your clothes, and plan how your family will help you get things done. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you should ask for help. You might be surprised at how helpful your family can be when you need a helping hand.