I cried at the Costco checkout 3

Thanks Fadra for the Stream of Consciousness Sunday post to remind me that I wanted to post this on my blog.


This past week I was shopping at Costco with my daughter. We go there at least once a week together.  We were in a particularly long checkout line trying to pass the time.  I noticed that the older gentleman behind us only had one big beautiful bouquet of flowers.  My daughter distracted me and wanted to play another “I Spy” round so I did not speak to the man then.  Soon, we got to the register area and we put all of our items on the conveyer belt.  As I reached for the thing that goes in between your order and the one behind you, so did the man behind us.  He smiled at me and said, oops, I was almost holding your hand there.  I smiled and said, no worries.  He lovingly placed his bouquet on the conveyer belt.  I asked him, who are these beautiful flowers for? His eyes smiled at me and he took a laminated photo from his front pocket and handed it to me.  That is Charlotte, my wife.  I told him that Charlotte must be very lucky that he would wait in such a long line to buy her some flowers.  He shared with me that Charlotte passed away a year ago and he came to Costco every week to buy her some sweet smelling flowers.  This man touched my heart in a way that no one has lately.  His love for his deceased wife was still so strong.  My silly items I was buying were no longer meaningful and my tears began to flow.  Charlotte was one lucky woman. We rarely take the time each day to appreciate the ones we love.  A week later I find myself still thinking about him.  As I type this post my eyes are filled with tears.  I hope that everyone who reads this can feel the love that Charlotte does.  My daughter held my hand a lot tighter as we walked to the car and told me that she was glad she got to meet the nice old man in Costco. Next time I see a beautiful bouquet of flowers, I will think of him and I will cherish each moment and try to take the time to tell my family that I love them.

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3 thoughts on “I cried at the Costco checkout

  • Kendra

    Life is funny. We never know who, when, or where we will be touched by someone or something. I love those moments. Now when I see flowers I will think of you, thinking of him, thinking of his wonderful wife.

  • Julie Jordan Scott

    He was probably thrilled to share Charlotte with you, too. I wonder if he brings them to her grave? I love bringing flowers to graves. It is actually a very peaceful place to visit, the cemetery. It is hard to get me away from cemeteries and I actually seek them out on vacations. Weird, I know.

    I’m glad you got to have this experience and share it with all of us.

  • Fadra

    I read this on my phone last week and never had a chance to comment. I loved this story and I’m glad you found that what would be a small part of the day to most people was most certainly blog-worthy.