Xigo Health, staying healthy for the holidays

Happy Thanksgiving week everybody!!
I was busy making cookies and muffins this past weekend and freezing them for the big day.
We also like to give all the kids teachers a special treat as well. This leads to a lot of baking in our house.
I was asked if I would be able to participate in a staying healthy over the holiday campaign.
I was sent a 30 day sample of Xigo Daily Immune Defense and so far so good. It is easy to take, just chew and swallow 1 tablet a day. I was afraid it would be a chalky or medicinal taste. Boy, was I wrong, it tastes great!!  It tastes very orangey, and who does not like a sweet orange to start off your morning, especially if it will keep you healthy while traveling and enjoy your holiday plans.  I will update after the holiday week craziness and let you know if it is still working!

This is what it looks like and can be purchased in many stores across the US.
Yesterday my 2 year old told me she wanted to make lasagna for dinner. But by herself. Ok, I put out all the ingredients, set her up on her Learning Tower and grabbed my camera.
I think she is pretty impressive.
Watch her video here.

If that link does not work you can watch it on youtube here
I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

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