Real Parents Review of the New Muppet Movie

Do you remember who the Muppets are?  Odds are your kids probably don’t!

Video: ‘The Muppets’ movie trailer

It has been a long time since The Muppet Show was on tv, or a new Muppet movie has come out.  So you may be wondering if your kids will still enjoy this movie, even if they do not know most of the characters.  The good news is, they will love this movie!

The story is about two brothers, one who looks suspiciously like a Muppet (Walter), and the other (Gary) who has been having trouble making a commitment to his girlfriend of 10 years.  They live in a picture perfect small town, where the townfolk break into song and dance numbers at the drop of a hat.

Walter has always been a huge fan of the Muppets and had wanted to go to Los Angeles to go on the tour of the Muppet Theater.  His brother and his girlfriend are planning a trip to Los Angeles for two weeks to celebrate an anniversary, so Walter asks if he can go along.  The girlfriend is reluctant, but before she knows it, they are on their way.  They arrive in Los Angeles to find the Muppet Theater in complete disrepair and not a Muppet character in sight.  While going on the tour, they overhear a plot by Oilman Tex Richman to take over the property in order to drill more oil wells.  The only caveat is that if the Muppets raise 10 million dollars, they can purchase the theater and keep it for themselves.  This leads the brothers on a hunt to find Kermit and save the theater.

To answer some questions Mom and Dad might have:
*This movie is very funny, for kids and adults!  There are a number of musical song and dance numbers that are really well done and so entertaining.  As a parent you will not be bored or annoyed to be dragged to another terrible kids movie.
*All of your old favorite characters from The Muppet Show are included in this movie, which is great for us old timers.
*There are a ton of guest stars including:
Jack Black
Neil Patrick Harris
Selena Gomez
Amy Adams
Jason Segel
Donald Glover
Zac Galifianakis
Jim from The Office
Whoppi Goldberg
Sarah Silverman
Manny from Modern Family and many more I am forgetting!  You never know where the next star will pop up.  It is so funny finding Sarah Silverman as a hostess at a little diner they visit.
*There are many 80s references and one of the common threads throughout the movie is that no one knows who the Muppets are anymore
*We found ZERO scariness in this movie.  Even the character who is supposed to be evil and mean, still sings and dances with the others.
*There is no SEX, no SWEARING, nothing offensive for a child of any age!
*You will all be singing Mahna Mahna song after this movie for days, even if you did not see the movie!
*This movie is 2 full hours.  There are some slow parts, especially in the beginning as they set up the movie, but overall it went by really fast.

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