Sick of Kids Gym birthday parties??? 2

I don’t know about you, but I am growing a bit tired of the standard birthday parties.  How many ball pits can you play in?  This weekend Diane’s friend, Sadie, invited her to a Gem Mining Party. Tim the gem man brought his mobile gem truck to Sadie’s house and each of the kids went home with a bag of gems, brilliant!!

Tim waited until all 15 kids arrived, then he welcomed us into his mobile gem mining truck.
It was a cold day outside, but inside it was toasty.

15 kids fit perfectly into the truck.

Each of the kids got one large bucket of sand to start with and a blue shovel.  The kids then scooped out a bunch of sand into their sifter.  Then they turned their sifter sideways and pushed it into the water.  The gems, and other goodies were left in the sifter.  Each kid had a small plastic bag hooked to the wall, which you can see on the left side of the above photo.  The kids were able to sift through two large buckets of sand. 

In front of each station was a chart, showing all the rocks, fossils, and gems you could find.

Each child was so excited when they found an arrowhead.

All the kids had so much fun!! Many proclaimed, best party ever!

This photo shows all the goodies that Diane found.  Whoever found an arrowhead had the option to make it into a necklace. Suprised that we came home with a pink arrowhead necklace?? Me neither.

The party ended with the birthday girl banging open two small geodes. The kids were amazed at all the crystals inside.  If you are in Maryland and you need a cool idea for a party, give Tim a call!

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