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I am so excited to share with you an awesome new service called Table8.  What is Table8? It is a last minute dinner reservation service.  Let’s say your best friend texts you and wants to go out to eat at one of the hot new restaurants in DC. Getting a last minute table for two at a good restaurant can be impossible, but not anymore.  Table8 is your virtual concierge extraordinaire.  Table8 is currently only available in Washington DC, Miami, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.  I live in the DMV so I went to Table8 to check out which restaurants I could visit in the DC area.  Birch & Barley, Casa Luca, Del Campo, Doi Moi, Proof, Oyamel, Farmers Fisher Bakers, Fiola, Iron Gate, Jaleo and many more.  The Table8 website or App are both really easy to use.  First, look at the calendar and choose the date you would like to visit.  Do you want to go to dinner tonight? You are not too late at all.  Once you click on the calendar date, your results will be filtered and you will see which restaurants have availability.  Next you will choose how many diners there are in your party, two, four or six.  Many of these last minute reservations will be free! Some others, especially for a larger party might have a small fee.  But, if you want to get into one of these hot restaurants at the very last minute, the small charge is worth every penny!  Table8 offers exclusive access to peak seating times at the hottest restaurants.  No planning is really required, same day reservations are now possible.  This service would also work well if you are traveling.  The Table8 service shows you where the restaurant is located, the menu they are serving, as well as what the critics are saying about this spot.  A Table8 app is available for iPhone or Android.  What are you waiting for? Download it now.  Make an account and then invite your friends.  Each new friend you invite gets $10 added into their account,  and then since you referred them, you get $20 in your account when they make their first reservation.  Win-win for both of you!


I hope you will join me, along with many other Foodies on August 5th from 8-9pm for our #Table8foodies twitter chat.  We will be talking about the new Table8 service as well as dining out and dining trends.  If you have never participated in a Twitter chat, now is the perfect time to get started.  Message me if you need a lesson, I am happy to walk you through it.  I look forward to tweeting with you on August 5th.


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