Six on Sunday: week one

I am starting a new weekly post that I will share with you each Sunday. And yes, I am publishing this on Monday, but I wrote most of it on Sunday.  Six things I love. At least one will be a recipe, the other six, who knows. Things I can’t live without.  Products that make my life easier.  I learn the best tips and tricks from my friends, the best products to buy, and this will be a great way to share what I use each and every day with you!

  1. EBATES: One thing I love to do is to save Money.  The best way to save if you shop online is to shop through Ebates.  It is so easy to use. I have been a member for many years and I have been paid close to $3000 just for shopping through their website.  This money saver is a no-brainer really.  Ebates just takes one extra click before you shop online.  If you want more info about Ebates please email me or ask. I want you to be paid for shopping online too.
  2. VEGA ELECTROLYTE: The next item we cannot live without is the Vega electrolye mix.  With two sons with POTS, an auto-immune illness, keeping their energy and electrolytes up is crucial.  We have tried so many sports drinks and this Vega electrolyte mix tastes the best and works great.  My boys will drink a glass of water with the powder mixed in two or more times a day.
  3. READ A BOOK: I love to read every night, chick lit usually.  I recently loved the books, The Rosie Project, and then the sequel The Rosie Effect,  Beach Town and Shopaholic to the Stars.
  4. Make Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream: My favorite new ingredient is Aquafaba(the water that the chickpeas are in) and this week we made our own Strawberry ice cream, using Aquafaba as the base. It is amazing.  You must try it.
  5. Bob’s Red Mill products: If you enjoy eating whole grains, you should be buying Bob’s Red Mill products.  I will show you a picture of my pantry. Yup, we are addicted. I have tried over 50 of their products and every single one is a winner!
  6. Spry Gum: I am addicted to Spry Gum. I chew it every day. Xylitol is supposedly good for your teeth. This gum is minty, delicious, and keeps my brain thinking.  I keep the 600 count jar on my desk and get it delivered every month.   What products can’t you live without?  Come back next Sunday for six more of my MUST HAVE.

Six On Sunday

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