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AT&T It Can Wait Don't text and Drive Campain VR Google Cardboard

Have you ever sent a quick text while you were driving? What about checked your Facebook notifications? Maybe you even took a photo of a beautiful sky while you were driving down the highway.  I think most of us are guilty of these seemingly harmless occurrences.

I was invited a few months ago to a Brunch sponsored by AT&T where we learned exactly how dangerous cell phones are becoming in our vehicles.  I am an official blogger for the AT&T “It Can Wait” Blogger Experience Tour and I need to share some scary statistics with you today.

Smartphone activities people say they do while driving include:
  • Text (61%)
  • Email (33%)
  • Surf the net (28%)
  • Facebook (27%)
  • Snap a selfie/photo (17%)
  • Twitter (14%)
  • Instagram (14%)
  • Shoot a video (12%)
  • Snapchat (11%)
  • Video chat (10%)

How many of these have you done while driving? Well I hope after reading this post today you will not be doing anymore of these activities while you are behind the wheel.   I wrote a few months ago about the app that AT&T developed to help you stay off your phone while driving.  This app really works. If you try to access your phone while going more than 15 mph you cannot do it. It will also send a message back to someone who texts or messages you, saying, this person is driving right now and will get back to you as soon as possible.  Brilliant, right?  If you do not have the Drivemode It Can Wait app, I highly suggest that you download it now.

Other unsettling findings include:
  • 62% keep their smartphones within easy reach while driving.
  • 30% of people who post to Twitter while driving do it “all the time.”
  • 22% who access social networks while driving cite addiction as a reason.
  • Of those who shoot videos behind the wheel, 27% think they can do it safely while driving.

My tech expert Jake quickly put together our Virtual Reality Google Cardboard AT&T It Can Wait “glasses”. He downloaded a few apps and we were on our way.  All I can say is Wow. You really need to try one of these out to see how easy it is to get in a terrible accident after just grabbing for your phone.  You don’t even need to be using your phone, just holding it, or even entering your password can get you into trouble.  So what is the solution? The solution is easy.  Put your phone in your purse, in your glove compartment, under the passenger seat, anywhere you will not touch it while you are driving.  Any message, notification or phone call can wait.  Your life is too precious.

Why did AT&T start this campaign?  I am sure something similar to this has happened to you.  You are rushing to get the kids to school and yourself to work. Your colleague texts you as you are driving- could they be letting you know something important about your 9AM meeting? You take your eyes off the road for just a second. What happens next…could be life-changing. It’s hard to envision a moment like that until you experience it.  AT&T doesn’t want that moment to happen so they are bringing it to life—virtually.  AT&T recently launched a new virtual reality experience that simulates, in an immersive but safe 3-D setting, the potentially deadly consequences of glancing at your phone while driving. You can experience the simulation in your own home by downloading a free Virtual Reality app onto your smartphone and pairing it with the Google Cardboard.  I have one At&T Virtual Reality Google Cardboard for you to win today! Must live in the US.
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Remember no text, email or selfie is worth a life – It Can Wait. 


This post is not sponsored.  I did receive a VR AT&T It Can Wait Google Cardboard for my family to try and I also received one to giveaway to a lucky reader. All ideas are my own and I only share my honest opinions with you on this blog.

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