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2015 Gift Guide Foodies

We all have picky foodies in our lives, like the picky chef who lives with me. Buying presents for the foodies is always a big challenge.  They know everything about foods and they think they have tried it all. I have compiled for you, a list of 10 unique gifts that are sure to please the foodies in your life.  These products have been rigorously tested by our family and friends.  We tried the good, the bad and the ugly and compiled them into the Top 10 Foodie Gifts for 2015:


  1. Uncle Andy’s Jerky: Many foodie’s love to eat meat.  A really special jerky like Uncle Andy’s Jerky would make a great gift.  Uncle Andy’s comes in 5 awesome flavors: Spicy Coffee, Mushroom Blue Cheese, Maple Bourbon, Lemon Mint, and BBQ.  Each flavor is hand crafted with honest ingredients.  Uncle Andy’s Jerky was inspired by the Craft Beer Industry.  Each jerky flavor tantalizes your taste buds with the unique flavor combinations. Your meat lover will be quite happy with a few flavors of this delicious jerky.
  2. Tonewood Maple Cube: We are big maple syrup fans in our house.  Tonewood Maple has taken the maple syrup to a whole new level.  The pure maple sugar cube is perfect to grate over any dish to elevate your eating experience.  Tonewood sells many pure and premium maple products and also helps to preserve maple tree production.  Maple trees are the world’s only self sustaining crop.  A Tonewood maple gift would please any foodie who loves maple syrup.
  3. Lekue Popcorn Maker: We make popcorn in our house almost every night. This popcorn maker is the best we have ever used.  Put your kernels in the base, put on the lid and microwave it for about 2 minutes.  As the popcorn pops, the lid slowly starts to rise(but suction keeps it from flying off and making a big mess). You can then season your popcorn right in the bowl it popped in. When you finish, rinse it out, and the entire thing folds up into a very small size to store in your cupboard.  You could even take this on vacation! Any foodie can come up with some great popcorn creation using the Lekue maker.
  4. Essential Gourmet Finishing Salt collection: Foodies know that the finishing touches on a dish make all the difference.  We use a lot of salt in our home and finding high quality salt is very important to us.  This salt is delicious and this kit comes with six authentic French Fleur de Sel Flavors.  The Alderwood Smoked and the Black Pyramid are two of our favorite flavors.  This set of 6 salts comes in a cute box with a food pairing guide. All you need to do is put the TO and FROM sticker on this one!
  5. Phillips Airfryer: The airfryer is totally one of those products you don’t need, and will take up counter space, but you will soon say, how did I live without this?  The airfryer can be make your french fries taste amazing without all that oil (You use 70% less oil with an airfryer than you would in regular frying, without sacrificing the taste!)  The airfryer makes it possible to eat your favorite foods in a healthier way.  It can also bake, roast and grill your foods. This all in one unit will become your favorite new appliance in no time.
  6. Wolfgang Puck 6 piece cheese slate set:  Does your Foodie enjoy entertaining with a nice cheese plate? I bet they do!  This WP 6 piece cheese plate would also make a perfect hostess gift.  I am sure you have many holiday parties to attend, but you do not know what to bring the hostess, this cheese slate set is perfect.  Write directly on the slate with the included chalk, what kinds of cheeses you are serving.  Three serving knives complete the package.  Serving upscale cheeses are all the rage, this gift will be well loved at every party.
  7. Kitchen Ipad Stand with stylus:  Foodies love to use their tablets in the kitchen.  This stand is a perfect addition to any foodie kitchen.  It folds flat to store in a kitchen drawer. It has many different levels so your tablet stays at the perfect angle for optimum viewing. An included stylus allows you to scroll through the recipe without getting the tablet dirty. Genius idea!
  8. Deluxe salt and pepper grinders:  This set of salt and pepper grinders is sure to make any foodie happy.  They also would look beautiful on your dinner table, or would make a lovely hostess gift.  Everyone needs some fresh salt and pepper in their lives, so this set would please even the hardest foodie to buy a gift for.  You can adjust how coarse or fine you want your grind to be. You could also use these grinders to grind up other spices. Easy to grind, smooth twist, perfect gift!
  9. Bamboo Cutting Board: This is a gorgeous bamboo cutting board and every Foodie would love a new board.  It is a large size so it could even hold a turkey or roast.  It is also perfect for cutting fruits and vegetables on.  It is made of 100% organic thick cut bamboo.  It is BPA and toxin free and makes a perfect surface to prep your ingredients.
  10. Chef’n Garlic Zoom : This is such a cute gadget.  Maybe you just want to buy your favorite foodie a small stocking stuffer? The Chef’n Garlic Zoom  is super fun to use. Simply put your garlic and then the blade inside the zoom and then zoom it around the counter.  Your garlic will be diced, minced, or cut to smithereens.  You can even have your smallest chefs help with the zooming part!  This is a perfect gift for the foodie who has it all.

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