Gifts for Kids Ages 10-13 years old #Giftguide 2015

Gift guide for ages 10-13 2015

Kids in the 10-13 year old age bracket are one of the hardest ages to buy gifts for. Why you may ask? They are not yet teenagers and they are also not younger kids who want every toy they see on the commercials.  I have compiled a list of 5 items that I think most 10-13 year kids would enjoy.  These items were tested by my 11 year old and they passed his difficult testing procedures.  Please visit my other gift guides with lots of other unique suggestions for all the gifts you need to buy this year.

  1. Masterpieces Baked With Love Cake Boss Puzzle:  My kids love to watch Cake Boss and they also love to bake cakes in our kitchen.  This gift combines all their favorite activities with very little mess!  Puzzles are great gifts for kids age 10-13.  Puzzles can keep your whole family happy for hours.  Isn’t this Cake Boss stacked cake puzzle so cute?  This 500 piece puzzle would be a great choice for any tween on your gift buying list.
  2. Kendama:  This toy would really please any kids over the age of 6.  The Kendama is a wooden toy that your child can do tricks with.  Kids love Kendamas.  This ancient Japanese ball and cup toy has been brought to the US and sold as the Kendama.  I promise that the child you buy this for, will not put it down for weeks.
  3. Black light Illuminator and Journal:  Educational Insights has an incredibly good line of science kits that your kids will love.  The Black light works really well and the journal has many projects that will keep your tween quite busy while they are learning about science.  We also loved the Kitchen Chemistry set by Educational Insights, such a fun way to learn science!
  4. Hovertech Battle FX by Blip Toys: This toy brings an arcade into your basement.  Fly the helicopter and try to shoot it with the nerf type guns.  Three different modes keep this game exciting as you try to improve your skills and challenge yourself and your friends.  This helicopter would also appeal to many adults.
  5. Skylanders Superchargers Starter Pack by Activision:  The Skylanders starter pack combines a video game along with action figures that have special powers inside the game.  You can even expand the starter pack with various other Skylanders characters (that are sold separately).  My 11 year old has been playing this game nonstop since he got it.  You can purchase the starter pack for all the various video game systems (XBOX, XBOX ONE, PS4, Nintendo DS) Just make sure you buy the right starter pack based on what system your gift receiver already owns.  The starter pack comes with one video game disk, the portal of power, two characters, one vehicle and a poster. Awesome gift for kids of all ages!

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