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Close your eyes and picture your perfect morning.  Can you smell some coffee brewing? I am sure that many of us start our day with that perfect cup of Joe.  The smell of caffeine tells your body it is time to get moving. Your senses are all awakened and your brain is ready to think clearly.  But where do you buy your coffee? Do you just stop at Starbucks on your way to work?  Maybe you need a new way to get your coffee fix, keep it economical, and discover new delicious blends of coffee? You are in luck, I have the perfect solution for you.

Javafly to the rescue!  If you are not familiar with Javafly yet, you are in for a real treat.  Javafly is an online shopping portal with a community of like minded coffee lovers.  Javafly was founded in 2012 in Upstate New York.  If you are a new coffee lover you can buy an incredible brewer on their website.  Or, if you already own a Keurig, a Nespresso or even a Vue, you will have your pick of delicious coffee pods right at your fingertips.


Javafly features many different brands of coffee.  We were invited to experience a small coffee company, Faro Roasting House, and today we are sharing a review of some of their K-cup coffee pods. Faro has managed to keep their prices very reasonable: 24 pods are only $14.99.  Faro has 10 flavors to choose from and you can see all the varieties here.

We tasted four flavors of Faro coffee including the Breakfast Blend, the Italian Blend, the Sumatra Mandheling and the Faro Forte blend and we have been quite pleased. Our family likes many different flavors and styles. Having a pod machine allows us each to try all kinds of coffees including the ones we recently received from Javafly.  The Breakfast Blend and Sumatra Mandheling were both on the medium side for strength and brewed a perfect cup of coffee.   The Italian Blend and Faro Forte were both a bit bolder.  We found the Faro coffee pods to be very smooth and clean and not bitter at all.  We usually drink our coffee black, so we prefer the medium roasts so we can really taste the coffee beans.

Faro Roasting House was founded over 30 years ago. This small coffee company does single-origin and direct trade coffees. They have distinctive flavors of their own creation as well as industry classics. For the freshest coffee and best taste and aroma, all their coffee is roasted in small-batches. Faro staff also takes part in continuous education to navigate the ever-evolving coffee industry.

Javafly coffee delivery

If you are now craving a cup of coffee, make sure you follow Javafly on Twitter. They very often share coupons or special deals that you will not want to miss! Remember, with Javafly, 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Also, if your order is over $50 you will receive free shipping!

Disclosure: My product review of the Javafly coffee cups was through my affiliation with The Association of Food Bloggers.  Javafly provided the samples at no charge, but all opinions are my own.

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