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Cirque Italia is a travelling circus that is making stops along the East coast this summer.  We saw the performance last summer when they were in Dulles, VA. This weekend they are set up right in the Potomac Mills Mall parking lot next to the Buy Buy Baby and Marshalls.  Check the schedule here to see all the upcoming performances in Maryland and Virginia.


Cirque Italia in Virginia. Full review at

My Top 5 reasons why Cirque Italia is awesome:

  1. It is small and intimate. All the seats surround the central stage. You can really see and enjoy the action from all locations. You are never more than a few dozen feet from the action even in the back row.  If you splurge and move into the front section you will have a front row seat to all of the performances.  You might want to consider getting there a little early since it is general admission and you can choose the best seats for yourself in whatever section your ticket is in.
  2. The acts are unique and talented. You will not see these types of tricks and experiences at other circuses.  The performers are all exceptionally talented in a variety of different mediums.  You can see jugglers, acrobats, high wire acts, clowns (that are really really funny) and other highly skilled performances which are all right in front of you. You will not see any animals.
  3. The center stage is surrounded by water (but you won’t get wet) and the way they use the water is pretty incredible.  As you can see from the video below and in the pictures, the water is used in such a unique way, with special lighting and within some of the acts themselves.
  4. The performers all seem really happy and are enjoying themselves.  This is like a small family-type circus where people are doing a variety of jobs and always with a smile.  At intermission they allow you to go up on the stage (for a small fee) to take pictures with many of the acts including the Mermaid (the most popular one).  The look on the children’s faces are priceless and you get to have an intimate moment with the stars in a one ring circus setting.
  5. The Italian music that they play is super fun and reminds me of my Italian relatives.  The Ringleader/clown also plays off of this throughout his segments which are numerous and left us laughing throughout.

Here is a short video of scenes from the Cirque Italia last night in Woodbridge, VA. 

Also, be on the lookout for Pokemon………….. you never know where they might want to spawn.

Cirque Italia in Virginia. Full review at


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