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Kona Grill, the newest upscale restaurant to open at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax. Full review at www.cookwith5kids.com

Kona Grill is the newest restaurant to open in Fair Oaks Mall.  Family friendly and upscale casual, this dining spot will soon become a regular part of your dinner rotation.  Most fine dining restaurants put a lot of thought into the food they are serving to the adults. They create a great bar and an awesome Happy Hour and these are very important qualities for a restaurant to have.  Also caring about making an awesome kids experience is a brilliant move on their part.  The key to a great family dining experience is great food and a fun atmosphere and experience for each member of the family.

Kona Grill, the newest upscale restaurant to open at Fair Oaks Mall in Fairfax. Full review at www.cookwith5kids.com

An 800 gallon aquarium will be one of the first things that you see when you arrive at Kona Grill. We spent lots of time looking at all the cool fish (you might even see Dory and Nemo in this tank).  Along with the water theme, there is also a mesmerizing water wall that left me feeling very relaxed.  Everyone enjoys looking at fish in aquariums and this tank is perfect to keep your attention while you wait for a table or for your food to arrive.

Kids Menu and Etch Sketch at Kona Grill in Fairfax. Full review at www.cookwith5kids.com

When you are seated with a child in your party, your child will enjoy some time on the original iPad, also known as an Etch-A-Sketch.  Kids and adults will love playing with this simple piece of old-fashioned technology.  If the kids can break themselves away from the Etch-A-Sketch they will enjoy a one of a kind Kid’s menu.  Each kid’s meal comes with a drink in a kid-safe cup, a main course and 2 sides.  The kid’s meal is served in a Bento box which is perfect for the children who hate when their foods touch each other.  I can’t think of any other restaurant that includes sushi, grilled salmon, turkey bacon club, shrimp tempura, and chicken satay on a kid’s menu.  Typical kid’s food is also available for those who have not yet developed an adventurous palate.  The standard pizza, grilled cheese, burger and chicken tenders are safely tucked into the menu as well.

Bento Box Kid's meal at Kona Grill. Full review at www.cookwith5kids.com

Pictured below are four of the signature dishes that are available at the Kona Grill.  From top left to bottom right we have the Chicken Caprese Sandwich served with sweet potato fries, next to the Caterpillar Roll that is made with eel.  On the bottom left is the most popular menu item, the Macadamia crusted chicken and finally the Pork Tenderloin.  The entire menu is made from scratch each and every day.

Signature Dishes at the Kona Grill. Full review at www.cookwith5kids.com/kona-grill/

The appetizers we tried were incredibly delightful. The avocado egg rolls with a honey cilantro dipping sauce melted in your mouth. They were rich and satisfying, and somehow soft and crunchy at the same time.  Avocado egg rolls would be a perfect start to your dinner.  The Margherita Flatbread was a great family friendly option, and would even make a great entree for someone who loves pizza.  Balsamic reduction drizzled on top was the perfect way to really highlight the sweet tones of the tomatoes.  The house salad was topped with a tasty onion soy vinaigrette and Danish Bleu cheese, a great appetizer with a simple fresh twist.

Appetizers at Kona Grill. Full review at www.cookwith5kids.com/kona-grill/

No meal is complete without a sweet dessert, am I right?  Kona Grill has incredibly rich and delicious desserts to tempt you.  You can choose from a Passion Fruit Créme Brülée, a delightful Butter Cake, a Snickers Ice Cream Pie, a tart Key Lime Pie or a Fudge Brownie.  My favorite dessert was the carrot cake.  Fresh carrots, crushed walnuts, caramel sauce and amazing cream cheese frosting. This three layer cake could easily feed a party of 6 or more, it is enormous and so good, right down to the last crumb.

Dessert at the Kona Grill. Full review at www.cookwith5kids.com/kona-grill/

Believe it or not there is even more that the Kona Grill has to offer. The exhibition kitchen is so much fun to watch, while every single part of your meal is made right in front of you.  Watching the chefs work their magic is exciting!  There is a beautiful all season patio where you can enjoy your food and cocktails.  And don’t forget the Sushi Bar!  Pull up a barstool and watch the sushi chefs. You will have a front row seat and feel like you are right at a Food Network show.  The Sushi menu is really extensive with everything from miso soup and seaweed salad to sashimi, kona rolls, traditional rolls, sushi and special chef plates.

Disclaimer: We received our meals free of charge. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are our own. Because the food was so good we have returned to the restaurant a few more times and purchased many additional items.


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