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Last night we had a perfect family movie night. Finding a movie that will not elicit groans from our 5 kids is not easy. Our family loves to watch movies together but we usually do it in small groups. The adult teens watch adult movies with Dad. The tweens watch sci-fi and mystery movies with us. The little girl loves all Disney and kid movies, which her older brothers hate.  Finding a movie that keeps us all laughing and interested is a really rare moment, but we did it!

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Eddie the Eagle was such a fun movie to watch for family movie night. It was based on the true story of Eddie the Eagle, an unlikely British ski jumper who dreamed of being in the Olympics from a very young age. Taron Egerton was a perfect Eddie. He did not let his weak athletic performances keep him from achieving his dreams. Hugh Jackman was excellent as the grumpy coach who did not want to help Eddie. The movie made you feel good. My daughter told me that she has dreams just like Eddie and she plans to follow her dreams, as he did.  There were a couple of scenes that were not completely appropriate for an 8 year old, but the movie is rated PG-13, so decide for yourself if it works for your family. There are some bad words, a bit of nudity in a sauna and sexual references, but overall we found it ok for our kids.

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So you have a great movie to watch, now you need a good snack. Of course we love to make our own snacks, but sometimes movie night just comes together and you need a go to yummy snack. Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle is the perfect movie night treat. It is a fun mix of all your favorite snacks like mini peanut butter cups, chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate covered joe-joes, chocolate covered pretzels, and some M&M type candies. This snack comes in a fun tin and also makes a great gift.

Make some memories this vacation and choose a family movie, a delicious snack, and a warm blanket on the couch. Leave me a comment and let me know, do you have any movies that your family has enjoyed lately?

Perfect Family Movie Night from

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