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Healthy cranberry Muffins. Recipe at

Healthy Cranberry Muffin

Cranberries are a very healthy fruit. Did you know that a 1/2 cup of cranberries is only 25 calories? Cranberries are not only low in calories but they are also high in anti-oxidants, improve immune function, lower blood pressure, lower risks of UTIs, are an anti inflammatory, and are a good source of Vitamin C, E and K, fiber, manganese. Time to add cranberries to your shopping list, right? Cranberries are plentiful in stores around Thanksgiving. One suggestion I have for you is to stock up when they are abundant and on sale. Throw the extra bags you can’t eat into the freezer and pull them out when the season is over. If you cannot find cranberries in the fresh produce area, you can often find them in the freezer section. Frozen berries are just as good for you, because they are picked at their peak and flash frozen.

This healthy cranberry muffin is a great way to get some on the go nutrition into your children’s mouths before they go to school. Even my tween, who is not a morning person and hates to eat breakfast, will grab a few of these muffins on his way to carpool. If you want to make these even healthier you can skip the cinnamon sugar topping. Substituting applesauce for butter is a great way to make these muffins lower in fat. These muffins would be perfect to bring to your next brunch, as a gift for a new Mom, or even to surprise your teacher’s on the first day back after vacation. Teachers love healthy snacks and these muffins would make a p


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